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Title: I comment in YT on the 'rural purge' -- Beverly Hillbillies etc
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Published: May 4, 2021
Author: Neo
Post Date: 2021-05-04 07:13:07 by NeoconsNailed
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Paul Henning on casting "The Beverly Hillbillies" - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

alphadogstudio 3 years ago (edited) I grew up in the south and of course anytime you went north while the BH was on the air you would be teased but I would always point out to them (even though I was just a kid) how despicable the northerners were on the show and that at least the "Hillbillies" were not "rude or mean" that always shut them up! LOL. I've always wondered why more people didn't seem to pick up on the fact that really it's the "city slickers" that are really portrayed as the morons on the show, at least IMHO 45

Great comment -- thanks and kudos! Can't tell you how glad I am to see somebody standing up for Dixie as entertainment factor here. This show is emblematic of the healthy regional attitudes existing before political correctness reared its ugly head starting in the hippie era. Everybody loved and treasured the South -- people everywhere prized it as a unique region full of nice, decent people with their own marvelous culture, speech and history.

For the last 30 years the despicable media, politicians and leftist pressure groups have changed all that, but smart ppl still love the South and these shows. See 'Rural purge' in wikipedia for how the Jewish TV moguls canceled these still-popular shows because they were too white -- 'diversity' tyranny already 50 years ago!

Henning is surprisingly unassuming and soft-spoken (and so goyish) - - remarkable (and great) he should ever have been such a TV production ace. Imagine having such FUN for a living despite the bizarre working hours! i/Paul_Henning

I've gone thru periods of hating TBH but am permanently addicted to it now

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