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Title: Measurement and examination methods
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Published: May 22, 2021
Post Date: 2021-05-22 08:15:21 by 3advokattilbud
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In moisture tests, two different categories of test methods can be used. One category includes methods used for visual inspection in places that are not normally visible. The second is actual moisture measurement methods, ie. to determine moisture content or equilibrium moisture. Visual inspection instruments include: Endoscope / boroscope, which can be used to inspect closed cavities through a small hole, eg in a plate cladding. Instruments of this type are suitable, for example, for examining skeletal walls, floor separations or roof elements. - Thermography equipment that can be used to detect cold bridges with the consequent risk of surface condensation. Can also be used together with a so-called 'Blower door' to reveal leaks in vapor barriers and the consequent risk of moisture convection. The 'blower door' is used to put the building under pressure (overpressure or underpressure) to increase the air flow through leaks. - Sewer video used to inspect sewer lines for leaks

Moisture content in materials

For concrete, masonry and similar inorganic materials, the increase in moisture content with increasing relative humidity is relatively small, while it is large for wood. For wood, the moisture content can be determined with good accuracy by various 'electrical methods', and the moisture content can be relatively easily converted to equilibrium moisture, ie. the relative humidity at which wood with the measured moisture content is in equilibrium. For concrete, masonry, etc. on the other hand, it is associated with great uncertainty to convert measured moisture content in the material to relative humidity (equilibrium moisture).

Prerequisites for measurement

Measurement of moisture content in building materials with traditional, hand-held measuring instruments is associated with great uncertainty, and a correct assessment of the results presupposes knowledge of both the equipment's limitations and possible sources of error. To get reliable results, the user must: be familiar with the instrument used - how does it work and operate, how is it calibrated, how accurate is it? have sufficient building physics knowledge to interpret the results the user must, for example, know how the moisture conditions in the constructions vary over the year, and on this basis be able to assess whether the moisture conditions can be expected to be worse / better in other seasons make several measurements to get sufficient knowledge of the conditions , which can vary greatly from one area to another in the construction. measure until a steady state of equilibrium has been reached. be aware of any conditions that may interfere with the measurement, eg salinity in the examined material.

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