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Title: Bidenís FBI Caught For The Umpteenth Time Trying To Cause A Mass Shooting
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Published: May 25, 2021
Author: US Politics And News
Post Date: 2021-05-26 15:17:13 by BTP Holdings
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Biden’s FBI Caught For The Umpteenth Time Trying To Cause A Mass Shooting

By US Politics And News Last updated May 25, 2021

Wouldn’t you love to see a Member of Congress get FBI Director Christopher Wray under oath and ask him this question: “Exactly how many mass shootings has the FBI directly caused on American soil since January 20th, 2009?” We had a nice respite from FBI-induced mass shootings for a while during the Trump administration. But now that Joe Biden is sitting in the White House, the FBI is back to the same old tricks it first adopted under the Obama administration: Locate an emotionally unstable incel (involuntarily celibate) young man on social media and manipulate him into committing a mass shooting, so the Democrats can undermine the Second Amendment.

Here’s the latest example.

Khalil Abu Rayyan was a pretty typical second-generation Muslim immigrant in Detroit, Michigan: 21 years old, employed as a delivery driver for his dad’s pizza parlor, heavy pot smoker, lazy, wimpy, sexually frustrated and mad at the world. His strict Islamic parents wouldn’t allow him to date girls, and Khalil suffered from chronic depression due to his heavy, constant pot smoking. He carried a gun in his car when he made pizza deliveries, because he lived in a Democrat- run hellhole called Detroit.

Poor Khalil felt intimidated whenever he went to the gym. All the young American men lifting weights there were bigger, stronger, and girls seemed to pay attention to them. So in frustration, Khalil finally did what many young incels do in this day and age: He started pretending he was a real Islamic tough guy on the internet.

Khalil started posting ISIS beheading videos on his Twitter feed (while he was still in high school) and acting like a big tough guy who was down with the Islamic struggle. If you’ve read about the modern incel phenomenon in America, there’s nothing unusual about that. Half of the enlisted guys at Fort Bragg will claim that they’re in “Delta Force” if you talk to them for five minutes. It’s weird to us older folks, but not out of the ordinary for this never-went-to-prom younger generation; the guys lie about themselves in a feeble attempt to attract girls.

And in Khalil’s case – it worked!

Are you making THIS eyesight mistake? Are you making THIS eyesight mistake? Detroit police pulled Khalil over at one point a few years ago and arrested him for having several bags of dope in his car, and for the revolver that he carried on his pizza delivery routes to protect himself from living in Detroit. He was facing several years of court hearings, likely jail time and a host of problems, so he kept smoking weed and working for his dad and awaiting his likely legal doom.

But then one day in 2020, a sweet young Pakistani girl named Ghaada befriended Khalil on Twitter. Her parents were pressuring her to marry one of her cousins in Cleveland. This was a dream come true for Khalil Rayyan: A young woman who needed a male savior? Sign him up!

After sending text messages to each other for a few days, Khalil and Ghaada were head-over-heels in love. They were planning their wedding. It was the happiest Khalil had ever been in his entire life. He told her in a private message one night that he was crying tears of joy for having met her (even though they had never met in real life). She responded, “You have me from our first tweet.” She was his first girlfriend.


Naturally, Ghaada was an undercover FBI dude. And then “Ghaada” ghosted Khalil. She stopped responding to his text messages and tweets completely. It was as if the love of Khalil’s life had vanished from the face of the earth. She never responded to another message from him, which sent him into an emotional spiral.

Depressed, Khalil went to a gun range and rented an AK-47. He posted a picture of himself holding the gun (at the gun range) on social media. Khalil never actually threatened to hurt anyone on social media or elsewhere. He was just super depressed, having been emotionally manipulated into thinking he had just lost the love of his life.

A few days later – lo and behold – a different young Islamic woman named “Jannah” contacted him on Twitter. Unlike Ghaada, Jannah was a Sunni Muslim. Jannah wasn’t interested in falling in love with Khalil, settling down, having his babies and pursuing the American dream. Jannah was all about the jihad.

There was nothing sexier to Jannah than dying in a blaze of glory for Allah, preferably at the largest black Christian megachurch in Detroit, which just so happened to be on Khalil’s pizza delivery route. Getting killed by American cops while murdering American Christians was just about the hottest thing that Jannah could imagine. And she’d be more than happy to meet Khalil in real life to do just that.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but… Jannah was another undercover FBI dude. After emotionally crushing an already-disturbed pothead Muslim by making him think he’d lost the love of his life, the FBI tried to goad Khalil Rayyan into committing a mass shooting at the biggest Christian church in Michigan.

While normal people might look at Khalil Rayyan and feel sympathy for the poor guy, the FBI saw him as an opportunity. He was a wind-up toy. They knew exactly how to manipulate an incel like Khalil into committing a mass shooting, which would in turn be used as an excuse to try to ban normal Americans from owning AR-15s.

Unfortunately for the FBI, Khalil Rayyan wasn’t actually a violent guy. That was all a fake persona that Khalil had cooked up on Twitter to try to meet girls.

Despite the fact that Jannah spent weeks in 2021 trying to provoke Khalil into shooting up a church, Khalil really wasn’t interested. She begged him. She told him she was going to go die in a jihad all by herself if he wouldn’t join her.

According to federal charging documents, Khalil begged “Jannah” to not do anything to hurt herself or anyone else. While wildly depressed one night, Khalil texted Jannah and admitted to her that he was incredibly depressed about life. He told her that one time – years ago – he had fantasized about shooting up a Christian church in America but had obviously never gone through with it… and now he was going to kill himself with the rope he had just bought because he was so depressed.

The FBI waited until the following morning and then showed up to see whether he was dead or not, before arresting him on a gun charge. Khalil faces five years in federal prison for lying on a background check form about his drug conviction (something Hunter Biden is immune from being charged with), but the courts say there’s no indication that this poor kid was ever any sort of terrorist threat. He had begged the undercover FBI agent “Jannah” not to do anything violent.

Khalil was never a real threat to anyone but himself. He was a pawn that the FBI decided to emotionally manipulate, in order to try to take away your Second Amendment rights. Was he a typical messed-up, sexually frustrated young man? You bet. Was he a heavy pot smoker? Uh-huh. Was he a terrorist? Absolutely not.

But what if the FBI had misread Khalil Rayyan? What if he had owned an AK-47 and had just snapped after the FBI emotionally manipulated him? Do you think we’d be hearing about any of this? Not likely. It would be just another “random act of violence” like so many other mass shootings the FBI has caused in recent years under Democrat administrations. With Joe Biden in the White House, get ready for a lot more cases like this.

Poster Comment:

More entrapment of innocent people by the FBI. Shame!

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I was in local Wal Mart a few years back. One girl who was at a register said she likes her BFs AR and awful lot.

And a buddy of mine in Las Vegas told me his kids are building AR-15s with parts imported from China.

Is that ludicrous or what?

Wasn't this Chipman guy involved in some way with Waco when the Branch Davidians were raided by the ATF?

If so, we can see that Biden is scraping the bottom of the barrel to bring the sludge and scum to the top. ;)

BTP Holdings  posted on  2021-05-26   20:16:14 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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Biden is scraping the bottom of the barrel to bring the sludge and scum to the top.

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Dude looks like he's been made to squeal like a pig, several too many times.

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