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Title: (Texas) George P. Bush Announces Bid for Attorney General
Source: Texas Scorecard
URL Source: ... nces-bid-for-attorney-general/
Published: Jun 2, 2021
Author: Brandon Waltens
Post Date: 2021-06-04 13:03:30 by X-15
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Keywords: Bush, stalker, asshole
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After weeks of speculation, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush officially announced his intention to challenge Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the 2022 Republican primary.

Bush made the announcement at an event in Austin on Wednesday evening.

A member of the Bush political dynasty, George P. Bush is the son of former Florida governor and former presidential hopeful Jeb Bush and the grandson of former president George H.W. Bush. He is also the only Bush to currently hold political office.

Ahead of the announcement, Bush participated in an interview with KXAN News, in which he took aim at Paxton.

“We need an attorney general that’s focused on the job instead of trying to stay out of jail,” said Bush.

Additionally, Bush says he discussed the possibility of his candidacy with Gov. Greg Abbott before making his decision.

“I’ve talked with him several times through the session and also in response to the scandal that broke late last year—and he was positive. He said he’s going to stay out of the race. He, you know, obviously has a lot on his plate with respect to ongoing special session items that he has prioritized,” said Bush.

Bush was elected land commissioner in 2014, the same year Paxton took office, and was re-elected in 2018 despite opposition in the Republican primary.

During his time in office, Bush has repeatedly stoked the ire of grassroots conservatives over his plans to “reimagine the Alamo” and move the Alamo Cenotaph—measures that were ultimately defeated by citizen actions.

Bush has been weighing a run for attorney general since at least October, after a number of incumbent Ken Paxton’s lieutenants alleged he violated the law and announced their intent to work with law enforcement to hold him accountable.

Paxton, however, alleges it is his employees who are in the wrong.

“They disagreed with me on certain matters, which, of course, is fine. Indeed, I always encourage robust debate and discussion among my senior staff. But rather than asking clarifying questions seeking to understand my decision-making, they sought to depose me, cooking up false allegations and trying to attack me in the court of public opinion. They have failed in the their desperate bid,” Paxton said on Wednesday shortly before Bush’s announcement.

In response to Bush’s announcement, Paxton’s campaign pointed toward his record in office.

“From defeating Joe Biden’s dangerous executive order halting deportations of illegal aliens, to his willingness to stand up for secure elections, Ken Paxton has been and will continue to be the tip of the spear in protecting President Trump’s America First principles.”

Paxton’s team also added that “even Mr. Bush publicly acknowledges there is no more conservative fighter than Attorney General Ken Paxton.” Subscribe to *Texas!!*

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#1. To: All (#0)

Never forget, this asshole is the same POS as his uncle, Neil Bush, who famously chased a Thai hooker, while naked, through a hotel. Here's the rundown on George P. Bush and his stalkerish past: stalking-758409

May 6, 2013

So George P. Bush--son of Jeb and the political dynasty’s fourth generation standout--is making his Washington, D.C. debut this week. The 37-year-old lawyer is now running for Texas land commissioner, but his family reportedly expects bigger things from the telegenic offspring of the former Florida governor.

Which is as good an excuse as any to revisit a police report detailing George P.’s creepy, stalkerish behavior towards a former girlfriend.

Back when he was a Rice University student, Bush was investigated for burglary and criminal mischief related to a 4 AM visit to the Miami home of his ex, Cristina Cohen, and her parents.

A Miami-Dade Police Department report includes an account of the December 31, 1994 incident provided to cops by Murry Cohen, Cristina’s father.

According to Cohen, Bush--wearing black shorts and no shirt--arrived at the residence and “went to his daughter’s bedroom window,” pulled it open, and “pushed the screen inward.” As Bush was “climbing in the window,” Murry Cohen awoke and spotted the trespasser. A neighbor of the Cohens also spotted Bush trying to get into the residence and began to argue with him.

With his intrusion thwarted, Bush “backed out of the window.” Cohen reported seeing Bush then “jump into a vehicle and flee.” But he would not be gone for long.

Bush returned to the home 20 minutes later and drove his car through the Cohens’s yard, causing damage to about 80 feet of the lawn.

When police arrived at the residence, the Cohens identified Bush as the perpetrator. Cristina Cohen explained that she used to date Bush, but that they “have been separated for 1-1/2 years.” She added that Bush “has been a problem ever since they broke up.”

After the Cohens provided police with Bush’s home address, an officer went to the residence and “spoke to him and parents.” But since Murry Cohen did not want to press charges, Bush “was not arrested on the scene,” according to the police report.

When police checked back with Cohen several days later, he told a detective that he was not interested in pursuing charges against Bush, “and that he wanted the matter resolved.” Cohen then signed a non- prosecution form.

A month before his son attempted the illegal bedroom incursion, Jeb Bush lost the Florida governor’s race to incumbent Democrat Lawton Chiles (Bush won the governorship four years later, in 1998).

George P. Bush’s campaign web site describes him as “part of the next generation of Texas leaders…a successful businessman, philanthropist, civic leader and veteran dedicated to advancing conservative values.” The married Fort Worth resident and his wife are expecting their first child this summer.

X-15  posted on  2021-06-04   13:06:47 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: X-15 (#1)

more on neil, the banking scum, and the silverado s & l debacle ~

of course, good ole poppy, the infamous poppy dealer, saw to it that there was no jail-time for this criminal son.

Lod  posted on  2021-06-04   13:25:28 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Lod (#2)

That family is like a coven of vampires - they just won't stay in their political graves, arising every few years to torment the rest of America with their graft and spewing neocon nonsense.

X-15  posted on  2021-06-04   13:42:09 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 3.

#8. To: X-15 (#3)

That family is like a coven of vampires - they just won't stay in their political graves, arising every few years to torment the rest of America with their graft and spewing neocon nonsense.

I am thinking they need a stake driven into the heart while asleep in the daytime to put an end to them once and for all. ;)

BTP Holdings  posted on  2021-06-05 13:36:42 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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