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Title: Ocasio-Cortez EXPLODES In Anger - Launches Vile Attack...
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Published: Jun 6, 2021
Author: staff
Post Date: 2021-06-06 15:36:26 by BTP Holdings
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Ocasio-Cortez Attack Trump In Vile Attack

( Far-left socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter on Wednesday to take a swipe at former President Donald Trump, wrongly suggesting that he blocked relief to Puerto Rico for “PR.”

Ocasio-Cortez described how she had flown out to Puerto Rico for the first time in over a year because of COVID, and shared photographs of her grandmother’s home. The property appeared to be damaged, with leaks in the roof seemingly from Hurricane Maria that occurred three years ago. ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E140015027567616000 1%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_& 2Focasio-cortez-attack-trump-in-vile-attack%2F

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that relief for Hurricane Maria still hasn’t arrived, but before President Biden entered the White House, Trump approved a grant of around $10 billion that would be used to rebuild the electrical grid that was wiped out by the hurricane.

President Donald Trump repeatedly called on the Democrats in the wake of the hurricane to work with Republicans on a deal to send aid to Puerto Rico, but partisan politics got in the way. The former president long argued that funds send to the U.S. territory were being misspent and wasted and insisted on a streamlined funding package that would be designed to address extremely specific concerns and problems caused by the storm.

But Democrats wanted a more general aid disbursement plan with minimal oversight.

AOC appears to be perpetuating the same old fake narrative that President Donald Trump withheld funding for Puerto Rico, when it was really her Democrat colleagues who got in the way of funding arriving in Puerto Rico faster.

She will no doubt be pleased, however, to learn that the Biden administration has since sent an additional $9.3 billion in disaster funding to Puerto Rico, lifting restrictions put in place by the Trump administration.

President Biden spending money? That’s not like him…

In all seriousness, though, compared to the $6 trillion Biden proposed for next year’s “infrastructure” package, a few extra billion seems like nothing.

Poster Comment:

All we need to recall about AOC is that her family fled Spain during the Inquisition. They are Sephardic crypto-Jews.

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#1. To: BTP Holdings (#0)

Anyone who's been to PR in the last 30 years knows that blue plastic tarps are the standard roofing there. Move along.

Lod  posted on  2021-06-06   15:41:40 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Lod (#1)

Anyone who's been to PR in the last 30 years knows that blue plastic tarps are the standard roofing there. Move along.

I work with an older guy who took a trip to Puerto Rico. He helped to build a house for six people to live in which was about 15 feet square.

Can you imagine living under such crowded conditions? :-/

BTP Holdings  posted on  2021-06-06   15:54:08 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 2.

#3. To: BTP Holdings (#2)

I hope he meant to say 15 meters sq.

Lod  posted on  2021-06-06 16:29:43 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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