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Title: Kevin Durant's Personal Bodyguard Suspended From All Eastern Conference Games After Attacking Bucks Player
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Published: Jun 19, 2021
Author: staff
Post Date: 2021-06-19 18:08:45 by BTP Holdings
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Kevin Durant's Personal Bodyguard Suspended From All Eastern Conference Games After Attacking Bucks Player

Brooklyn Nets star player Kevin Durant has been in the news a lot lately. From being fined by the NBA in April to going on a date recently with former porn star Lana Rhoades, Durant has a way of keeping himself the center of attention.

But now, it’s his personal bodyguard who has been attracting some undue notice.

That bodyguard, named Antjuan Lambert is now banned from attending all subsequent NBA series games involving the Nets whether they take place in Brooklyn or Milwaukee.

Nets Bodyguard Violently Shoves Bucks Player During Game

Lambert is not only Durant’s personal security, but he also happens to be a Brooklyn Nets security official.

On June 10, 2021, during a game between the Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks, Lambert got into an altercation with Bucks forward P.J. Tucker. In the third quarter of the game, Tucker had fouled Durant, and the two exchanged some heated words. Immediately thereafter, things started escalating and becoming more physical. Seeing this, Lambert jumped into the mix and got into Tucker’s face.

The whole thing was caught on video. Lambert shoved Tucker and has been banned from the court by the NBA in response. The NBA has yet to release any official statement on the matter, but it is clearly not pleased.

Tim Bontemps, an NBA writer from ESPN, had this to say on Twitter: “A league spokesman said that the security official who made contact with PJ Tucker during Game 3 will not any remaining games in the series in Milwaukee, and won’t be assigned to the court in Brooklyn during the remainder of the Eastern Conference semifinal.”

Poster Comment:

When we worked concert security and were doing a show at the World Music Theater (outdoor venue) in Tinley Park, Illinois. These four body builders bullied their way down front.

I was on the ramp for back stage entrance. I jumped off the ramp and told them, "Get out of here NOW!"

One guy wanted to stand in my face, but his buddy grabbed his arm and dragged him off. They slid into the sides of rows above.

So I lined up some back up. We had Vinnie White on our crew. He was our body builder. I went and picked the wimpiest of the bunch, "Let's see your ticket." "You have a lawn ticket. You can't be down here." They tried to surround me. I flashed the flashlight and see bodies coming my way.

I turn around and the guy who was standing in my face before was there again. I said, "You don't understand English? You have to go upstairs." He wouldn't move. So I hit him under the pecs and rocked him back on his heels. The guy behind him threw a beer in my face. I wiped it out of one eye THATFAST so I could see. Then I knocked the guy in front of me into the wall and went after the guy who threw the beer in my face. I caught him around the corner at top of ramp.

Frankie was at the front gate. He told the cops, "Look! Fight!"

Then that guy I knocked into the wall grabbed my shirt with both hands. I said, "Get your hands off me!" I knocked his hands off and reached up and pulled him down into a headlock. Then I put my arm on the other guy's throat. I had two of them.

By the time the cops got there from the gate the fight was over. Guys on the crew were coming from under the Pavilion to get in on the fight. They all got thrown out.

One of our guys standing at the top of the ramp didn't make a move to try to help. He wanted to shake my hand, I told him, "Next time you stand there and don't try to help, I'm going to kick your ass too." Some of these guys were on the crew so they could listen to the music. But at concerts there were going to be fights. As Security you had to jump into it and break it up and then eject people or even have them arrested.

It was a hard job and it didn't pay enough to get my ass kicked, so I wouldn't let anyone do it to me.

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