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Title: MIT Study Conducted in March Found That Coronavirus Skeptics are Highly Informed on the Data
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Published: Jul 20, 2021
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2021-07-20 05:25:20 by Ada
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Pro-censorship memes are clearly targeted at mentally deficient people with childlike perceptions of reality.
Anti-vaxx memes are intelligent, informational, and accurate.

This is something that appears to have gone under the radar when it appeared, but is important to note: In March, MIT published a study on coronavirus skeptics after studying their social media habits. They found that the majority of the voices in the skeptic movement were not morons, but rather highly informed, and were using the available data to make their argument.

Of course, anyone who has spent 5 minutes looking at the counter-arguments to the virus hoax knows that skeptics are obsessed with data. However, it is very interesting that the establishment admitted this, and yet, the media continues to frame skeptics as uniformed morons who are fighting back against the government because they’ve been lied to by disinformation.

The media must maintain the illusion that there are only two choices:

You agree with everything the media and government say, or You are basically retarded, believing stupid conspiracy theories that make no sense.

So, it is logical that this study was buried and ignored.

The study was about “data visualization,” i.e., infographics, and their use in informing people about the alleged virus pandemic.

Their ultimate conclusion appears to be that people will believe the official narrative more the less information they have.

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