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Title: NFL Looking into Ways to Identify Vaccinated Players During Games
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Published: Jul 19, 2021
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Post Date: 2021-07-20 06:58:50 by BTP Holdings
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NFL Looking into Ways to Identify Vaccinated Players During Games

The NFL last month declared they would segregate vaccinated and unvaccinated players; however, now they are looking to labels players too. According to NBC Sports, the NFL has already required NFL players to identify whether they’ve been vaccinated or not by wearing a bracelet inside of team facilities.

Conversations are still ongoing between the NFLPA and NFL on what methods they will use during games. So, it appears numbers or logos won’t be the only way to identify players on the field but bracelets or other markers will more than likely be used too.

As of right now close 13 teams are close to 85% vaccinated, while the 19 teams are still far from fully being vaccinated. With the NFL using colored bracelets on the field, it will be interesting to see whether or not players will lose their endorsements for not being vaccinated.

Usually, a player could just ignore a question from the press on whether they’ve been vaccinated or not; although, with the NFL highlighting who’s vaccinated and who’s not, it could cause real problems. That’s due to the far left canceling anybody who choses to exercise their freedoms of not getting vaccinated.

Most Players Silent on Whether They’ve Gotten The COVID-19 Vaccine

Superstars like Lamar Jackson and Tom Brady have been silent on whether they have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine. Honestly, they have every right not to disclose personnel medical information.

However, this new NFL rule that’s coming will force players to be propaganda billboards for the COVID-19 vaccine. Once mini camp starts up, players will be out in the open and you better believe the liberal media will have their cameras on players’ wrists to dox players who have refused the vaccine.

Not all players have been silent, though. Buffalo Bills Wide receiver Cole Beasley said he rather retire than get a COVID-19 vaccine.

The NFL Will Segregate Vaccinated/Unvaccinated Players

The NFL released a plethora of rules for the unvaccinated, whereas vaccinated players have no rules to follow. Unvaccinated players will have to get daily testing, wear masks, and practice social distancing. They also won’t be able to eat with their teammates or participate in marketing opportunities.

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Don't vax me, bro. How can NFL players compete when they have to be in physical contact during games? The same thing goes for MLB and NHL and ABA teams. No fans in the stands either? Hum bug.

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