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Title: Time to End Cancel Culture
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Published: Jul 23, 2021
Author: Kim Marasco
Post Date: 2021-07-23 22:00:21 by kam05
Keywords: Cancel Culture, Communist, Marxist
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The reason I am writing the show is to hopefully get my story out there. I tried to make this as short as possible (that’s why I wrote a novel). When I was 24, I joined the airlines as a flight attendant working for Delta in NY. I loved being a flight attendant but the base closed 6 months after the horrific 9-11 tragedy and I was offered to transfer. My parents urged me to go back to school and earn a degree. I obtained a BA in history, and relocated back to NY. Eventually, I went on to work for a major company with pretty good pay. It was a cut-throat sales industry. The boss took my commissions that I made at a recruiting firm placing candidates at his company.

A recruiter and my boss , Rick, were doing very malicious things, but I tried just focusing on my job. I wrote to an old friend, a pilot, on Linkedin while at work…this was a huge mistake. My boss found out and contacted the same guy to dig dirt up on me to try to get me fired. His name is Cedric Subrenat. Well, when my boss contacted him…the pilot told him that I was involved in a three-way on a flight with his friend and another flight attendant. (I found this out later). The truth is, I went out with the crew to a bar. The next thing I remember is waking up and being in a compromised position on a bed. I remember little pieces of the night, but mostly a blur. I don’t recall walking into the room together at all. I wasn’t sure of what was going on and didn’t know what to say—I was shocked. I quickly put my clothes on and left back to my room. When I confronted the flight attendant, I asked her who took my clothes off and she told me they both did. I was very upset over this but I was very young only 24 and didn’t know what to do about it. Apparently, the pilot told Cedric it was consensual. It was not. ***on another note, I found out later that Cedric was sued by another flight attendant for rape. Before that event occurred, I flew with him on a trip and he tried to get together with me. I declined. I was dating someone at the time. I think that may have something to do with why he said anything to my boss. You can look his name up and find the story.

RIck was very discriminatory and constantly put other people down, especially those who were gay. He went ballistic! It was raining one day and my boss decided to go out for lunch. He came back all wet and I asked him why he did not stay inside and go to the cafeteria downstairs. He said nothing. Later that day, we were on a conference call and a few people were laughing that it was raining outside. I had no idea why that was funny. When I left for work, I noticed my car was vandalized. The windshield wiper was broken and as I drove, I heard loud squeaks coming from the front tire. I pulled over and looked under my car. There was a rope tied around the front break. It was tied into a knot. I went to have it fixed at an autoshop the next day in Morristown, NJ and the mechanic said it was deliberately done.

I went back to work and did not say anything to him as I could not prove he did it. Then, after this horrific event, my boss promoted the other recruiter and I was told to report to her. She told me to send an email to three executives about a merger with “ATS”. I wanted to get along with her and not have issues, so I sent the email thinking nothing of it. Then, she told me to recall the same message as it was confidential. Next, I got written up by HR for doing that. I was very upset over everything. The next day, I sent an email stating that I did not know what ATS meant…and asked in question form, if it meant Anti-Terror Squad. Rick attempted to murder me. I was receiving harassment daily. This was all done because Rick only hired me to get the commissions, and then when he heard a rumor, that was false, he used it against me too. He just would not leave me alone! Anyway, I was suspended, with pay, for two weeks. I was paid because HR knows that I was being harassed! I went back to work two weeks later. This time, the recruiter and my boss fabricated an event and I was suspended again, with pay and then went back to work. I explained what happened to HR. My boss was asked to resign. I stayed for another year until they moved and the commute became too far. I eventually resigned a year later ****THIs was another huge mistake. I should have just stayed there but I disliked the environment I was in***

I went back to college in effort to change my career (I majored in education), only to have him continue to spread malicious and defamatory lies against me (but I had no proof) to stop him. I received all A’s and B’s in grad school but failed the final class which was a student internship—simply because the professor did not like me and I am sure, my former boss had something to do with this. My employment was also affected. I was hired at a call center and became close friends with someone who happened to be bisexual. I did not care. I became an advocate for the LGBT community as I felt the wrath of discrimination and it was so deplorable. I always gave to charities, including Human Rights Foundation. After about six months, my friend committed suicide and I was devastated. I cried nonstop over this. The stress took a huge toll on my health.

After this, the call center moved into a larger and run-down building (it was an old, abandoned Walmart that wasn’t used in several years). You could smell the mold as you walked into the creepy place. Some training rooms had no AC, the headsets were bolted to the desks (we had to wear foam ear muffs and attach them to wherever desk we sat and place them on top of the filthy headsets). The headsets were so old they were falling apart—many had the metal wire sticking out of the headsets. We had to sit at any desk that was available each day---and they were not cleaned. We were not allowed to bring anything into the call floor—so there was no way to clean the desk ourselves. I asked HR if I could get my own headset and was denied. I, as well as a few others, came down with ear infections. (there was always someone leaving that place in an ambulance).

One day, while I was being yelled at by a member over the phone…I could no longer focus on the screen. Everything went blurry. I left in an ambulance to the ER. Others got sick too. One guy was on medical leave for 6 weeks. I was out for 4 months!! When I returned, I made a complaint to HR that I almost lost my life due to a debilitating illness (inner ear infection) where my blood pressure spiked constantly, fast heart rate, migraines, hearing issues, vision issues, and worst of all---severe balance issues. I had to attend physical therapy for months to relearn how to walk!!! The AC was still broken and I was advised they were working on it (later, I found out that was a lie too). When nothing was fixed, I contacted OSHA ( I still have the letter and date of complaint). I was hoping they would do something. They did nothing.

After this, five co-workers sat in a circle (not working) on the call center floor away from their desks. They developed a plan. They walked up to me and said a bunch of things which I had no clue what they were saying as I was busy taking calls. The very next morning, I was let go and told it was due to saying negative things and for attendance. Actually, it was really just over the attendance as I found out from my unemployment hearing. When I tried to fight it, (the appeal was filed incorrectly, but I did have an unemployment hearing without a lawyer. If I had a lawyer, this would have turned out differently). So, they just wanted me to look bad. Ever since then, I have been getting hired and fired and hired and fired over nothing. They develop lies, lies, and more lies. A friend told me there was a rumor circulating on social media about me, that im racist. This isn’t true. I grew up with friends of all backgrounds, dated Cliff Walcott who is black, (I can get you in touch with him), and have cousins who are Spanish. Also, my father and cousin both fought in the military and my cousin lost his life. Please help preserve what they, as well as countless others, have fought and are still fighting for. I know about other suicides, including a girl from my last job, and I know the real reason…she was cancelled. I don’t want to hear about another suicide. You have the ability to help people. Please do so. I assure you, if you share my story---millions of people will relate and this and may prompt others to speak up and not fear the cancel mob culture. Please think about this. I wrote a book, Fallen from Grace, however its no longer being sold but you can still see it on Amazon. The book was highly censored. I changed the title and self-published it, its retitled, Songs of the Unsung. I wrote poetry all throughout my life and included them in my novels. Later, I found that Taylor Swift had many songs that sounded eerily similar to my poems. I am wondering if Taylor’s mob squad may also be involved with trying to “cancel me”. I know I am not perfect, I have done things I regret but none of the things I have been accused of. I am tired of the nonsense and want my life back.

Here is my blog with examples of my poems and her songs. Also, I provided links to my books. Please reach out to me if you can share my story, even if just part of my story, to help others.

Click Here for my blog for examples of Taylor Swifts songs that are copies of my poems: inspirations

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#1. To: kam05 (#0)

The slut is just making excuses for her bad behavior.

DWornock  posted on  2021-07-24   6:12:27 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: kam05 (#0)

The truth is, I went out with the crew to a bar. The next thing I remember is waking up and being in a compromised position on a bed. I remember little pieces of the night, but mostly a blur.

This sounds like someone slipped her a mickey. ;)

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one." Edmund Burke

BTP Holdings  posted on  2021-07-24   8:21:02 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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