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Title: An Open Letter To The Biden Administration
Source: Me
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Published: Sep 10, 2021
Author: Me
Post Date: 2021-09-10 15:04:59 by TommyTheMadArtist
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To: My Completely Illegitimate Government.

President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, et al.

In 2015, Doctor Fauci, and Barack Obama were in a lab, in Maryland touring an NIH Vaccine Facility. Previously in 2014, the same administration, under the guidance of Anthony Fauci, gave the Wuhan Lab in China, 3.1 Million dollars for Gain Of Function research on SARS COV-2 in order to make a more transmissible virus.

In 2019, the first cases of Covid-19 began to appear in Italy, and here in North America. I myself was exposed to it, and thought it was merely a lingering cold with a cough that took months to beat. I finally beat it with a round of Prednisone having mistaken in for an asthma issue. In 2020, and in all of 2021, we have heard nothing in the way of the truth from our media, from our president, and from Doctor Anthony Fauci.

Now, we are told that we all must get vaccinated with an MRNA vaccine that has not been tested or approved. The same vaccines that have had 2 million adverse reactions, and thousands of deaths caused by them. This vaccine was developed I would wager well before the COVID-19 pandemic. I would wager it has been in the works since 2015.

This is a virus that was created in a laboratory at Fort Dietrich, Maryland. It was then shipped to Wuhan, a level three facility with inadequate safeguards, along with 3.1 million of our tax payer dollars, turned into the COVID-19 virus, which not only killed thousands of people, but destroyed the economy of the United States, has destroyed the freedom of the people of this country, and not one person has been brought to justice for it.

I want to know why, and about 100 million people in this country want to know why nothing has been done to bring justice to the men and women who brought us this travesty?

The people who are directly responsible are all of the people at NIH, who with the direction of Anthony Fauci, have used subterfuge, and obfuscation to keep the truth from the American People.

Barack Obama’s administration, which includes our current president Joseph Biden, are also responsible as they, along with the congress and senate approved our money to go to China to create a problem that seems to be more political in nature than it does an actual threat to the human race.

I watched our president tell me, as if he were my parent that he was losing patience with me, because I would not get a vaccine. With all due respect, you are merely the president of this country. You do not represent me, you do not rule me. You can make all the demands you like, but the choice to obey resides squarely in me. You and your clown posse currently destroying my country are the last people on this planet who will dictate how I will live, or what I will have put into my body. The reason why, is that you, and this illegitimate regime are directly responsible for the creation of this biological weapon in the first place.

When your government is the cause of a biological contagion getting loose because the people involved in its inception wanted it to happen, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of those who were in power at the time of its manufacture and delivery. The CDC has lied. The NIH has lied. Anthony Fauci has lied to Congress. Joseph Biden has lied. Jen Psaki has lied. Our media industrial complex has lied. I as an American Citizen have the right to say no when my government and all its leaders have betrayed my trust. Which is the problem. My government has betrayed my trust and the trust of every citizen within our borders.

You are demanding that I be vaccinated against a plague that was created by our own government. You are allowing our southern border to be crossed by hundreds of thousands of people who themselves are NOT vaccinated. You are importing people from other countries and flying them all over the country, depositing them in all of our cities, and none of those people are vaccinated, let alone vetted for criminal behavior. You are telling me, a tax paying citizen that I am the cause of these vaccinated people who are being infected at a 90 percent rate, even though that it has been shown that the vaccinated carry 900 times more of a viral load than those of us who do not have the vaccine.

You are a liar.

You and this administration are doing your best to destroy my country, and distract it from the deliberate failure in Afghanistan. Apparently your interest in that Chinese Battery Company, (Contemporary Amperex Technology CO. LTD who had been negotiating with the Taliban before your failure to get our people out) means more to you than actually doing your job. You see, with China waltzing in there to make about $3 Trillion Dollars, your ten percent ownership in that company ought to make Hunter and You a lot of money. A company that since you took office has seen their stock prices go up 62 percent.

You, and those who support you are what is wrong with my country. You act as if you own the people, and do not think of how it is we view you. We view you all as parasites, liars, murderers and thieves and at every turn you mock the rule of law with your corruption.

You are corrupt. Your Son Hunter Biden is as vile a creature that could make its way out of hell. You do not represent me, you are not my president and you are absolutely untrustworthy.

When you walk away from the press corp like you don’t have to answer to the people, and when your assistant Jen Psaki does the same, you show us that you are not leaders, you are tyrants.

I will under no circumstances allow myself to be governed by the likes of you. The fish rots from the head down, and this is precisely what the Romans meant when that saying was invented.

With the lies about Ivermectin, and other drugs that have had 100 percent efficacy against Covid being dismissed and destroyed in the media, there is no truth, there is no science to be trusted. When the truth is hidden in order to facilitate the profit for someone like Anthony Fauci, there is no credibility to the words spoken. The lies compounding other lies go beyond the realm of inconsistency, they are malevolent in scope and a true betrayal by those entrusted to keep us safe from the very things, they themselves created in a lab, with our tax dollars.

When your leaders cannot be trusted, and when they do not tell the truth, and they spin things, and manipulate to cover their own mistakes, they are illegitimate. There is no truth you or anyone in my government that could be spoken that should ever be trusted. Whether it be about what color the sky is, or who funded this plague, none of you are worthy of my trust and should be removed from office.

When your vaccine mandate is demanded of everyone, except the postal union, it should be patently obvious that the Union’s power, obviously is more powerful than science. The one nice thing though about your mandate, is that it will definitely cull the herd of bureaucrats in government. So I guess that isn’t all bad.

So to close, I wonder why it is our military and intelligence agencies have failed to do their respective jobs in protecting us from domestic terrorists that spent our tax dollars in China to create this virus? Why is it that they have not lifted a finger to bring charges against all those who had a hand in funding this betrayal?

This is why I say the entire government from the top down is illegitimate because if it were truly a government of integrity, honesty and transparency, they would take ownership of this and resign en masse.

Politely, and with all due respect, go fuck yourself. Keep your vaccines. Keep your lies and your bullshit. I have lived long enough on this planet to know when someone cannot be trusted. I stopped going to a restaurant after food poisoning. You should see how I feel right now knowing my own government funded a biological weapon that was unleashed all over the world. Traitors, betrayers, all of you.

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#1. To: TommyTheMadArtist (#0)

The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. - Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Godfrey Smith: Mike, I wouldn't worry. Prosperity is just around the corner.
Mike Flaherty: Yeah, it's been there a long time. I wish I knew which corner.
My Man Godfrey (1936)

Esso  posted on  2021-09-10   16:26:44 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: TommyTheMadArtist (#0)

A++ just great, thank you.

“ On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. ” ~ H. L. Mencken

Lod  posted on  2021-09-10   17:16:05 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Esso (#1)

Jen, you ignorant slut.

“ On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. ” ~ H. L. Mencken

Lod  posted on  2021-09-10   17:18:36 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: TommyTheMadArtist (#0)

Politely, and with all due respect, go fuck yourself.

What he said ! And this was my favorite part, and I join you in your disgust of these traitors, liars and mass murderers, only I wish to send a not so polite fuck you to every FEDERAL fuck in D.C.

Thanks, Tommy !

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. "

noone222  posted on  2021-09-10   19:59:56 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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