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Title: A Swarm Of 700 Earthquakes Rattles Canary Islands,
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URL Source: ... -speculation-volcanic-eruption
Published: Sep 15, 2021
Author: Tyler Durden
Post Date: 2021-09-15 07:43:31 by Horse
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Sparks Speculation Of Volcanic Eruption

"Without a doubt, the current seismic swarm represents a significant change in the activity of the Cumbre Vieja volcano and is related to a process of magmatic intrusion..."

Poster Comment:

If this volcano blows, leave the east coast on the first plane out. That rock could fall into the ocean and cause a tsunami that would wipe out the east coast.

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#3. To: Horse (#0) (Edited)

should the volcano blow, those on the East Coast wouldn't make it to the airport on time.

Ada  posted on  2021-09-15   9:04:20 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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