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Title: The Fate Of The Black Baron: Hitler's Most Dangerous Ace | Greatest Tank Battles | Timeline
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Published: Sep 16, 2021
Author: Timeline - World History Documentaries
Post Date: 2021-09-20 07:43:16 by BTP Holdings
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Wittmann participated in many of the greatest tank battles of all time. He was a notorious figure, until he was finally defeated by Canadian tankers.

Poster Comment:

When we worked for Illinois State Highways, we had as a Foreman this Sudeten German-American foreman. He said once, "In the old country we didn't have pot holes. They used cobblestones."

One time he was calling on the radio for more asphalt (to fill pot holes). I said over the radio, "Ya, in ze old country ve had ze cobblestones."

This guy who was in the crew cab with him told me, "When that came over the air he said, "Dammit!" LOL

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