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Title: Insider Col. L. Fletcher Prouty discusses the JFK Assassination and America's Clandestine History
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Published: Apr 17, 2021
Author: Jim Grapek
Post Date: 2021-09-25 22:36:32 by BTP Holdings
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Pulled this out of my archives -- I produced it for John Judge in 1992, and it's as gripping to listen to now as it was then. Col. Prouty was a high level, military insider who saw what was going on behind the curtain. Definitely worth watching (or listening to) if you want to hear some REAL history. He talks about JFK, 'Murder, Inc.', the Vietnam War, the Korean War, how they smuggled Nazi intelligence officers into our military to help us start the cold war, and lots more. Plenty of eye openers here. Oh, the 'high cabal' is talked about, too.

Sorry about the quality. I pulled it off an old VHS tape. But don't let that stop you. You definitely want to hear Col. Prouty talk about how the Kennedy assassination was planned at the highest levels -- and why Lee Harvey Oswald, a highly trained double agent paid by the CIA, was set up. Fascinating!!

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