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Title: Feds Steal $500,000 from Nick Fuentes Because He Said the Election was Fake
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Published: Aug 17, 2021
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2021-10-08 09:42:56 by Ada
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This is slightly old news, but as a professional courtesy, I only report on old Nick Fuentes news.

According to a very accurate video posted on August 11, our boy in Chicago has been robbed of half a million dollars by the blood-drinking fed government.

The 8-minute mini-documentary above gives a brief introduction to who this boy is. It then follows his narrative of censorship and oppression at the hands of a ubiquitous and hungry social control grid, before explaining that for some reason he was keeping four-hundred and eighty-three thousand, five-hundred and ninety-two dollars and seventy-eight cents in the Jewish Bank of America.

Shortly after the events of January 6, that money was frozen via a “legal order.”

He spent two weeks calling the bank multiple times per day, only to eventually be told that the account was frozen (i.e., seized) by the Justice Department.

He explains a situation that I already understood very well: if you are under investigation by the FBI, they do not tell you you are under investigation, and you have to find out via something like having all of your money looted from your bank account. Once you gather that you are under investigation, you are not told why you are under investigation. You have no idea when the investigation ends. They are not required to inform you about any of this, at any time. There is no department you can call. No lawyer can do anything about it.

The federal government is all powerful, and it has been since they told you retards that the Moslems blew up those towers in New York and that the only solution was for you to surrender all of your basic civil rights to the feds. Now, all of that power that they grabbed under the pretext of using it to stop cave people from flying planes into skyscrapers is now being turned on you, the American people.

There is a gang of bandits in charge now. No one dares question them. The Republicans are all making backroom deals, hoping that they don’t get lynched and dragged through the street naked by a gang of irate negroes being cheered on by a gang of screeching fat banshees. They fear the Beast, and their fear blinds them to the fact that no deal it makes will be honored.

I’m not going to scold Nick for keeping money in a bank. I mean, you would think that after having his PayPal and every other financial service shut down, it would be clear that the bank was next. I’ve been pretty open about the fact that I’ve been banned from banking since 2015; they kept whatever was in my account, but I had already sniffed out what was happening before the hammer came down, so they only managed to jack maybe $160 (which, for those of you who failed math class, is much less than $483,592.78).

My hope would be that everyone reading this right now will understand that if they’ve been connected at all to any kind of right-wing politics, including simply publicly supporting Donald Trump, they should definitely not have more money than they’re willing to lose in a bank.

As Nick explains in the video: people do not seem to understand just how far gone we are. People assume that “this is America.” But it’s not America. You are living under a brutal occupation government that is not obligated to follow any rules, at all. Right now – today, as you read this – there is nothing keeping the FBI or some other domestic terrorist group associated with the occupation regime from throwing a bag over your head, tossing you in the back of a van, and shuffling you onto a plane bound for a CIA blacksite in Poland, where you will spend the rest of your days with your testicles hooked up to a car battery.

This is because they’ve already officially, in the backrooms of the Department of Justice, labeled Americans who believe the election was stolen or deny the science of vaccination as “domestic terrorists.” That is on the books now. Now, everything that was done to Moslems can be done to you, and there is literally nothing you can do about it.

So, here’s the single most important question you can ask: what did the Taliban do when the army of ZOG invaded their country?

They went to ground in the caves of their country, they bid their time, and waited for the Beast to exhaust itself. They held what territory they could in the interim, but understood that time was on their side, and the Beast couldn’t kill them all.

When the Beast had finally exhausted itself, they got into their trucks, and peacefully rode into the Capitol, as the forces of evil laid down their guns and made a path for them to the presidential palace, where there were no peace talks, no negotiations.

More than half of the Taliban forces that took Kabul were born after the armies of ZOG touched down in 2002.

We are going to win this war. Eventually.

Eventually, we will get in our trucks, and drive into Washington, where the ZOGbots will lay down their guns and make way for us to march on the White House. We will lower the rainbow flag, and burn it, and install a gigantic cross on the front lawn. We will announce that we are installing Nick Fuentes as President for Life.

We will say: “Babylon, that great city – she is fallen.”

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

Another attraction of crypto: Feds can't seize it by calling anyone. You and only you decide when it gets spent, and to whom it is spent. No fed judge, no army, no DOJ agent, no one anywhere else can dictate to you or restrict your ability to do what you want with it.

Pinguinite  posted on  2021-10-08   10:57:24 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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