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Title: Family Arrest for Defending Themselves Against Black Mob
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Published: Oct 14, 2021
Author: Colin Flaherty
Post Date: 2021-10-14 01:24:35 by Horse
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#1. To: Horse (#0) (Edited)

When I lived in Chicago in late 70s, this girl who lived across the street and was in High School came to my front door one afternoon with her girlfriend.

She told me some guy tried tp pick her up when she was walking home alone.

I said, "Let's go and we will look for this guy. We jumped into my Blazer and took of toward the school. We spot this guy a few blocks from the school. I made a U-turn and got behind him.

He pulled over on 4-lane near phone company building and waited for traffic to come. He pulled out ahead of them.

I had to wait for a few cars to go past, but I caught him at gas station four blocks away next to Post Office. The two guys in the station didn't make a move.

The girl's got his tag number. I told them, "Write it down now and give it to Rick, the school cop."

They found out he lived right across from the High School. So they put this good looking blond lady cop out front.

He comes popping out the door and sees her. He walks up to her and says, "Hey baby, let's go upstairs and we can smoke a joint."

she gives the signal and they bust him. They go upstairs and find weed. He is sitting in the shitter when I find out.

I tell the guys in the hood, "Get some ball bats and let's go."

We drive over to the school and I point out the car. I go around the block.They jump out and take all the windows out of the car all the way around. Then they run and jump back into the Blazer.

I see this guy again maybe a month or two later doing the same thing, hitting on chicks walking alone.

He pulls over on street corner to get out of his car. I pull up along side him and holler, "Hey! I see you are still up to your old tricks." And I was out of there.

People like that do not change and if he has been in prison they get rid of molesters in the pretty quickly. ROTFLOL

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one." Edmund Burke

BTP Holdings  posted on  2021-10-14   8:04:43 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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