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Title: Luke Bryan - Strip It Down (Official Music Video)
Source: EweToob
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Published: Oct 20, 2021
Author: Luke Bryan
Post Date: 2021-10-20 00:44:59 by Esso
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Poster Comment:

A buddy of mine was treating his wife really badly a while ago with me there (Yeah, vaxxed). I tried to settle him down but couldn't. The gal ran in the house crying, I continued the bullshit argument to the point it was going to come to blows (he has a 100 lbs on me) or the cops showed up. I retreated, it was a no-win situation.

I don't like to lose, especially if I'm protecting somebody.

Somebody sent her a big bouquet of seasonal flowers with a box of chocolate covered strawberries from The card referenced the "strip it down" song and was signed Luke Bryan.

I started getting calls from both of them. I don't know anything. I guess the 'big vax man' is treating her a wee bit better.

It wasn't me, I'm not gonna spend $123 on some married gal that I'm not all that fond of.

I'm glad that I don't carry anymore.

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