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Title: The Drivers Of Empire Want To Rule As Greek Gods
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Published: Oct 20, 2021
Author: Caitlin Johnstone
Post Date: 2021-10-20 10:14:08 by Ada
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Power is the ability to control what happens. The more control you have, the more powerful you are.

That’s why power is like crack for the ego. Egos are all about control; obtaining safety and security so as to ensure the survival and success of one particular human organism. The impulse to exert control over our surroundings is why our recently-evolved brains create egos in the first place.

The more tightly clenched the ego, the greater the desire for control. This can manifest as trying to dominate one’s family and romantic partner with greater and greater totality. It can manifest as starting a cult. It can manifest as trying to shore up massive amounts of wealth. And it can manifest as the pursuit of power.

Those who rise to positions of power tend to be those who’ve placed the pursuit of it above all else, or to have been trained since birth to prioritize power by the powerful families they’re born into. This is especially true in the giant globe-spanning power structure that is loosely centralized around the United States.

The loose alliance of plutocrats and government agency insiders who rule this giant empire pursue power above all else. For all the historically unprecedented power these imperial oligarchs have, it’s still not enough for them.

Their objective is to control everything that happens in any nation on earth; to ensure that everything that occurs on this planet serves them and their interests. That’s what absolute power would look like.

The imperial oligarchs wish to rule our world as Greek gods from Mount Olympus. If any population on earth disobeys them, they want to be able to cause sweeping famines in that nation, or rain down fire upon them from on high. They want to be able to control not just how all humans behave, but how they think as well.

And, for the most part, they absolutely can do this. The drivers of empire can inflict famines upon entire populations by imposing starvation sanctions upon them using their control over international financial systems. They can rain down fire upon any disobedient population using the most powerful military force ever assembled. They can control the way we think, act, spend, consume, and vote to ensure it serves their interests, and their control over our minds is continually advancing.

But they don’t have total control over those things everywhere on earth. To find where they lack this control, you need only ask yourself which parts of the world the imperial propaganda machine most aggressively tells you you must oppose.

China and Russia have not been absorbed into the globe-spanning empire, and because they are relatively strong compared to the weaker nations the empire likes to target, the imperialists don’t have much control over what happens there. Their control is not strong enough to starve their populations on a whim. They could not rain down fire upon those nations without risking their own lives and assets. They cannot exert control over how those populations think and behave.

For a healthy human being, this lack of control would not present as a problem. For a human being that is infected with a tightly clenched ego and an insatiable thirst for power, this lack of control is seen as a direct existential threat.

So we are bombarded with propaganda about how horrible China and Russia are, for the exact same reason adherents to religions have historically been indoctrinated with beliefs about how horrible heretics and apostates are.

These gods are jealous gods. They do not tolerate unbelievers. Lands which do not worship them are the badlands, the lands of the heathens, the lands of the condemned.

That’s all we’re looking at with the nonstop mass media shrieking about Russia and China. Not a truthful representation of reality. Not warnings about a dire threat to our lives. Just inflamed egos screaming fire and brimstone sermons at their flock about the land of infidels and idolaters.

Free people do not worship these gods. Free people do not heed their dogmas. And a truly free world will have evolved beyond any tolerance for people with the power parasite in their minds.

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It is good to be free.

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