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Title: Tranny Who Raped Girl in the Bathroom Found Guilty After School Board Denied It Happened!
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Published: Oct 27, 2021
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2021-10-27 09:56:48 by Ada
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So, here’s a reason not to include “date rape” as rape.

This girl was forcibly sodomized by a tranny in the bathroom. That is literally “rape” by the classic definition of the word. When you talk about “date rape” and “Weinstein Regret,” you lessen the impact of the concept of actual rape.

The school board denied that this tranny rape happened, and called the father a terrorist and arrested him.

This looks really bad.

But of course, only the Russians and Tucker Carlson will report it. The rest of the media will drop the story, their last report being that a white supremacist domestic terrorist falsely accused an innocent tranny.


The ‘gender-fluid’ student who assaulted a teen in the girls’ bathroom at a Virginia high school has been found guilty of the assault. Parents, whom the school told there was no incident, are demanding apologies from the district.

Juvenile Court judge Pamela Brooks on Monday found the “boy in a skirt” – whose name has not been released as he is under 18 – guilty of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio in relation to the assault on a teenage girl at Stone Bridge High School in May. He will be back in court for sentencing in November.

The victim’s family has demanded an apology from the National School Board Association (NSBA), which appeared to smear them and other concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” in a controversial letter requesting an FBI involvement after threats to school board members allegedly surfaced. This was in the wake of the controversial school board meeting which saw the assault victim’s father, Scott Smith, dragged out after being told by teachers they had not heard of any assaults on students in school restrooms. The meeting took place less than a month after his daughter had reported her assault to the school, and Smith has threatened to sue the NSBA for defamation unless they apologize to him specifically.

Following Monday’s verdict, the Smith family released a statement through their attorney thanking those in the community who had stood by them and vowed to move “forward to ensure that those responsible in the Loudoun County School system are held accountable, so that this may never happen again to anyone else’s child.”

The superintendent of Loudoun County schools, Scott Ziegler, apologized for claiming there had been no reports of student assault in the school bathrooms, but insisted school officials hadn’t lied – he simply hadn’t known what he was being asked. Board member Beth Barts resigned amid the controversy and parents have continued to demand Ziegler’s resignation.

Scott Ziegler, lol.

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