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Title: The New War on Terror Is a Jewish War Against White People
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Published: Nov 16, 2021
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2021-11-16 09:24:26 by Ada
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Glenn Greenwald gave a 30-minute interview with Chris Hedges on RT about the new war on terror, an anti-white war on the normal population of America.

Glenn was not totally on the ball at the beginning of the coronavirus hoax, but that is likely because he is a gay (fag), and homos (queers) are constantly terrified of germs (obvious). On most of the issues happening in current year, he’s on point, and he is now on point regarding the coronavirus (finally).

He’s the only person in the mainstream presenting a comprehensive image of the plan that the Democrats have right now to use all of this post-911 terrorism legislation to attack and crush white people, using the 1/6 debacle as a pretext. Tucker is talking about it, but Tucker mostly uses Glenn as a source.

Along with being a germophobe homo, Glenn is also a Jew lawyer (I just judge public individuals on what they say in public), so he has a good grasp on the legalities of the situation. He says that the entire concept of this Liz Cheney/Adam Schiff Congressional committee to investigate the 1/6 protesters is totally unprecedented.

He says that they’re doing “third party subpoenas” – subpoenaing the records of individuals from corporations (tech companies and telecom companies) and “requesting” that the companies not send a message to the person they are investigating. Along with requesting that they not tell the accused, they tell the companies to call them if they can’t fulfill the request – at which point, they will tell them to cancel it. They are structuring it in such a way that no one can complain about it because they know it’s illegal.

He says that both the Congressional Committee and the DOJ are struggling with the fact that they cannot charge any of these people with anything other than misdemeanor trespassing, and that this makes them look ridiculous after having accused all of these people with attempting to overthrow the government and rape AOC. Glenn suggests that the Congressional investigation is designed to obfuscate this.

“What they’re doing here is essentially running a parallel investigation to the Justice Department because they’re angry that the Justice Department hasn’t indicted anybody on these grandiose claims,” he said, referring to the committee as a “spectacle” to feed a “hungry liberal mob.”

The Jew-run “Justice Department” (lol) last week indicted Steve Bannon for refusing to cooperate with the Congressional subpoena. He had multiple arguments for not complying, the most pressing of which being that there is no basis for the Congress do be doing a criminal investigation in the first place. The Justice Department literally has nothing to investigate – but they can do subpoenas for Congress!

Glenn is exactly correct in stating that this is designed to make up for there not being anything there with regards to a grand conspiracy to overthrow the government. Very few people are going to go into any of this, and just see that Steve Bannon is getting indicted for planning a conspiracy. In fact, he’s not indicted for a conspiracy – just like with General Flynn and Roger Stone in the Mueller investigation, he is being indicted for a process crime – “contempt”!

The contemptuous Jew Adam Schiff appeared with the “Jewish Stump” Chuck Todd on Sunday to declare that the Bannon indictment will “without a doubt” compel other people to take the investigation seriously. Of course, he was ostensibly talking about compelling others who are being subpoenaed to cooperate with the committee, but in actuality, the goal is to compel the public to take this absurd hoax seriously.

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