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Title: Rashida Tlaib wants to abolish prisons, blows off all concern about the results
Source: Tucker via Daily Stormer
URL Source: ... led-to-be-a-white-supremacist/
Published: Nov 25, 2021
Author: Anglin
Post Date: 2021-11-25 04:57:12 by NeoconsNailed
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Meme Dump: Christmas Plower MathBoi Fly Revealed to be a White Supremacist!

I never would have suspected that the black guy who killed all these white people was a Hitler-loving white supremacist, and that actually, Jews are the real victims here.

But it makes a lot of sense now that I know. Of course he was after the Jews.


Darrell Brooks, charged with killing five people and injuring 50 more by driving his SUV at high speed into a Xmas parade in Wisconsin, has a strange mix of beliefs, being pro-Hitler and BLM, and ferociously anti-whites and Jews.

No sooner had images of a red SUV careering through a small town USA Christmas parade, featuring Dancing Grannies and a children’s marching band playing ‘Jingle Bells’, been shared around the world than wannabe rapper Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, was under arrest and his social media pored over like never before.

Five people lay dead and nearly 50 were injured after Brooks, a convicted sex offender who performs his music under the name ‘MathBoi Fly’, drove his car through the crowd in Waukesha, sending bodies flying and attendees fleeing for their lives.

There are six dead now......


The great Anglin is being duly sarcastic about the next big racial snowjob -- the media are claiming this mass-murdering "member of the African-American community" was an evil Hitlerite NAZI!

That's right -- the jewsmedia are a in a jam with this colossal embarrassment, but having no shame they just play the Hitler card as brazenly as ever. Any mass murderer -- call him a white supremacist even before any facts are known. Nonwhite mass murderer -- call him a Hitler worshiper even if it blatantly makes no sense at all, because a critical mass of whites will still fall for it because WW2 death camps, slavery, jim crow et al.

The big shock here is the first source Anglin quotes -- RT. Long gone are the days when this outfit could be looked to as an alternative to the "mainstream" media, but I don't recall seeing them stoop this low before. Their source is the killer's twitter feed

.....but the word Hitler isn't searchable there and the only Hitler item is a small one in print too small to read, undoubtedly in support of his deranged rantings about whitey.

Anyhoo, if you'll search 'Tucker' on this Daily Stormer page he's in an embedded "HORROR IN WAUKESHA" Fox News segment. In the lead-up to the 7:00 mark he's setting up a shock video in which Axios' Jonathan Swann tries to pin US Rep. Tlaib down on her insane proposal.

True to the tradition of politics via girly emotions, she tries to grin and mug and dodge her way around the pure evil she's proposing. Yeah, you alien bitch, doing it over a decade will make it all better! NN

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