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Title: San Francisco Officials Spring Into Actionů
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Published: Nov 25, 2021
Author: Gateway Pundit
Post Date: 2021-11-25 10:12:00 by Horse
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Decide Not to Use the ‘Racist’ Word “Looting” to Describe Latest Slew of Lootings

It’s not just Nordstrom’s, jewelry stores, and Lululemon, organized youth mobs are looting all kinds of businesses in the San Francisco-Oakland area.

An organized mob of youths stormed a Wellspring pharmacy and looted all of the medications this past weekend.

And youths hit a clothing store called Prime in downtown Oakland this week – for the second time this month.

The problem is now so bad that Bay Area officials are springing into action. The local officials have decided not to call the organized robberies “looting” because that might be racist.

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