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Title: The Circus…
Source: Me
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Published: Nov 27, 2021
Author: Me
Post Date: 2021-11-27 15:17:33 by TommyTheMadArtist
Keywords: Looters, Rioters, Thieves, Liberals
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We have all been seeing the nonsense going on in California. Smash and grab looting is becoming a day to day occurrence in cities there all over. You have celebretards like Seth Rogen normalizing it by saying that it’s natural for these things to happen in the big cities and that it’s okay because sometimes you get left things behind like “Treats”.

I live in MInnesota and my part of the country is experiencing the emboldened criminal Syndrome ever since the communists got control of the country. We did not have the kind of crime we have now prior to the George Floyd idiocy. We have it so much worse under Biden it’s not even funny. What is worse is that our democrat leaders more or less give these criminals an approval because after all, they are just stealing property, and property can be replaced.

At what expense?

To the retail employee who finds themselves a victim of a violent criminal, that is a life changing event. Once you have been assaulted by some thug for the simple reason that you’re in the way of their escape, you find out how the store and the legal system are not going to have your back. So what happens to the stores like Best Buy who had a legion of 30 thugs do a smash and grab on the store? A team, a platoon of criminals waging a war on productivity? What do these businesses do?

When you have massive theft, and it’s all but encouraged by the media and the politicians that excuse it, what incentive is there for Best Buy to keep a store open in that city? It has happened in Burnsville and now Maplewood MN, both of which are not far from me. Then it occurs to me, how do these coordinated attacks happen and how does a team of 30 get in and get out in less time than it takes to walk across the store show room? To what end are these 30 individuals stealing? What is it that they are taking that they are going to fence in order to make that outing profitable? Televisions?

If I were a conspiracy minded person, I would wonder if it wasn’t the company itself putting these people up to it in some way. After all, their earnings were down drastically two quarters in a row. Thus they could cover up some failures in leadership with shrinkage at the hands of thieves.

I am seeing this happen in a place here in Middle America that doesn’t see this sort of brazen criminality. My question, is what comes next? What is stopping a group of 30 criminals from running into an establishment and committing assassinations? Because truthfully, that’s more or less the next step in all of this. The criminals will indeed up their game, and not satisfied with the rush of theft, they’ll commit more and more ambitious crimes. Mark my words, these flash mob, coordinated gang attacks on business are going to escalate to murders soon enough and at that point, who will be taking the blame?

Will it be systemic racism, and the fact that white people want to protect property, or will it be what we have seen coming from our leaders and the criminals who commit these acts? Because we are told every day that white people are the problem when in fact it is a failure to address the simple fact that one portion of our society has something profoundly wrong with it at its core and nothing has been done to solve the issues.

Because when it’s never your fault, you take no responsibility, and your victims being many, are shamed into silence because they have no representation for redress. As Attorney Thomas Binger said, you lose your right to self defense when you choose to defend yourself.

If I had not just had the worst customer experience ever with Best Buy today, I would in fact organize a group of like minded people to patrol the store and stop these kinds of thefts from happening with the cooperation with law enforcement and Best Buy.

Not Your Store, Not Your Stuff, and NO you ain’t stealing a goddamned thing.

If we as citizens of this country protected our retailers and said NO to the criminal element, we might see a change in how our society acts. We cannot look at these criminal rampages with indifference to the people whose lives are affected by this. I am outraged as an American to see my country turning into a cesspool of criminality and enabling of that criminal behavior by the very people who swore an oath to uphold the law.

Theft costs us all in higher prices. Organized gang related theft though, steals more than goods, it steals our peace of mind, it steals our dignity and our ability to shop in a store that is safe.

What if these thugs trampled over someone’s child and killed them? What if it led to a shoot out between thugs and a parent trying to protect their family? What if this continues to escalate to where people start dying because some gang banger who is indifferent to the lives of others has to steal something for their own gratification?

The only way this stops is when the people organize and help. It’s time to put these criminals down, and I mean NOW. Normally I would be like “Fuck Best Buy” but today I have an entirely different tone and outlook. I want my country back and the only way it comes back is if we the people organize and put an end to these gangs once and for all.

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