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Title: Col. L. Fletcher Prouty: The Secret Team - Covert Operations & Their Consequences - PT 3 of 4
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Published: Apr 1, 2018
Author: DTRHRadioArchives
Post Date: 2021-12-16 18:02:56 by BTP Holdings
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The Secret Team, L. Fletcher Prouty’s exposé of the CIA’s control over the government was first published in the 1970s. However, virtually all copies of the book disappeared upon distribution, having been purchased en masse by shady “private buyers.” Certainly, Prouty’s allegations such as how the U2 Crisis of 1960 was fixed to sabotage the Eisenhower – Khrushchev talk cannot have pleased the CIA. Listen to this four part interview with Col. Prouty from back in 1989. Everything he is discussing still applies to today’s world. The CIA hasn’t changed the playbook.

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