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Title: Don't read! Hollywood veteran busts "Squint Leastwood"
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Published: Dec 21, 2021
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Post Date: 2021-12-21 14:54:19 by NeoconsNailed
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You insist? Great. No, it's not the video linked above titled '10 Celebs Who ABSOLUTELY HATE Clint Eastwood', though that's juicy enough.

Under a comment up top by one Freddy Herrera beginning "I'm a fan and always will be" are a pile of replies, including these by Stephen Ryder:

My dear, very young and very ignorant civilian who knows nothing about art, show business, drama, acting, the history of film or much of anything else on the subject on which you chose to opine. I'm only 12 years younger than Mr. Eastwood. I spent forty years in show business (longer than you've been alive) starting as a musician, then becoming an actor, a screenwriter and a producer. In 1964, when the pathetic actor Eastwood made his first breakout movie, (A fist full of dollars) a low- budget, B grade 'spaghetti western', his only claim to fame had been playing the cloddish character of "Rowdy Yates" on TV in 1958. He was already almost 30 years old and had not been going ANYWHERE in the business. No talent, you see. I first met him in the early sixties in Beverly Hills, where I lived. I was not impressed, and neither was anyone else in the industry. Like the New York Times - (which you have never read) here's a quote: "Mr. Eastwood's poker-faced acting had long been described as consisting of “four grimaces,and two glances” and another: "

Mr. Eastwood was, in his own words, “thrown off the lot” at Universal in the late 1950's." (No talent, you see) - and according to Mr. Eastwood himself: "Even though I'd made three pictures that were very successful financially, the studios wouldn't consider me for parts." I could go on with another 40 or 50 pages recounting the laughable reputation this no- talent clown had in Hollywood back when I knew him, and another ten pages on his irresponsible, reprehensible private life of whoring, cheating, abandoning his illegitimate children and cheating on his wives - but I'll spare you. Anyone (like you) who does not even know of the great actors like Sir Lawrence Olivier, Spencer Tracy, Gregory Peck, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Peter O'toole, etc., etc., and compares this macho cartoon whose fan base consists of men with issues caused by their small penises is merely a bottom-feeding, knuckle-dragging semi-upright simian. The NY Times again "On the set, he is known to be impatient with delay-causing incompetence." I'll leave you with this report "Referring to the cost of the classic masterpiece “Apocalypse Now,” which has achieved immortality, Clint Eastwood adds, in all seriousness, “With Francis Coppola's budget, I could have invaded some country.” I knew him, you didn't. I'm in the business - you're not. I know what I'm talking about, you don't, so please, STFU and stay in school.


I'm neither "bragging" nor claiming 'moral authority' as you so speciously proffer. Show business is no different than any other filthy, corrupt, mercenary greed machine. Its a disgusting business filled with pigs like Squint Leastwood. I was in it for the money ONLY, and the money was great. No one 'brags' about crawling around that sewer - you're projecting your own little boy fantasies by merely suggesting anyone would admire that business - that's for amateurs and uninformed outsiders like you. I merely state facts. Leastwood is a nothing individual with a lifelong public record of despicable behavior. Much more despicable than even I am (but perhaps less so than you, who would defend such an insect without even knowing him.) He is merely one of many of his ilk, as you are of your considerably less luminous gaggle: Les Sans Culottes.

Warned you ;) NN

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