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Title: NFL Raises Eyebrows By Labeling Taiwan As Part Of China
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Published: Dec 22, 2021
Author: staff
Post Date: 2021-12-23 06:18:28 by BTP Holdings
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NFL Raises Eyebrows By Labeling Taiwan As Part Of China

Wednesday, the NFL raised their eyebrows attributing Taiwan as part of China.

Across eight nations, 18 NFL teams have given access to 26 International Home Marketing Areas (IHMA) where a strategy was built to allow teams an access to international regions for marketing, fan engagement and commercialization.

CSO Christopher Halpin instantly stated that NFL Fandoms begins in their institution. In addition, he also said that the vital project which facilitates NFL teams was developed to create a meaningful and direct connection with NFL fans overseas.

And in launching an application session, they were fascinated with the volume, innovation and commitment of club proposals all around the world.

The NFL also delivered a map of the countries collaborating with the league which some internet critics speculate included Taiwan.

In the Communism Mainland, which is the Republic of China, FNC approached the NFL to explain why it incorporated Taiwan. The NFL did not answer instantly.

The map is evident to prove President Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party who really targets Taiwan.In a Taiwanese minister’s video stream where the White House came to criticize and stop, the video clearly displayed different colors between China and Taiwan.

On Friday, when Audrey Tang, a Taiwanese Digital Minister presented a map in her video feed, it suddenly stopped after she distinguished the differences between Taiwan and China.

Later on, a source spoke to Reuters telling it was just an initial reaction.

The website affirmed that Tang’s map was exposed for about a minute before the video feed was interrupted.

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