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Title: Blast from the Past [A cute movie]
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Published: Jan 8, 2022
Author: HBOMAX
Post Date: 2022-01-08 15:32:58 by Esso
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After 35 years in a bomb shelter, Adam Webber is finally going outside to play. When a man raised in a 1950s era bomb shelter emerges into the outside world for the first time, he finds a nice non mutant girl with whom to repopulate the earth and meets a savvy, cynical modern woman, sparks fly, opposites attract, and the result is a wondrous chain reaction in this romantic comedy for the nuclear age—Blast from the Past. Adam's (Brendan Fraser) hapless search in the brave new world of homeless people, adult bookstores and all-night supermarkets leads him directly into Eve (Alicia Silverstone). She's suspicious, smart about survival and uncertain of the possibilities of love. Her life has been a series of dead-end jobs, shallow boyfriends, and dashed hopes. But the more Eve watches Adam approach the world with wide eyes, comic miscomprehension, joyous delight, and a deliciously sweet innocence, the more she begins to find herself falling in love.

Provider - Warner Brothers
Rating - PG-13
Release date - 1999
Running time - 1:52:09
Audio - English
Subtitle - English [CC]
Actors - Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, Dave Foley
Director - Hugh Wilson
Genres - Comedy, Romance

Poster Comment:

The movie starts out in 1963 during The Cuban Missile Crisis and proceeds to the present day (1999). Having lived through the Cold War and being involved in it, I got a kick out of this movie.

Christopher Walken's character reminded me of my father.

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#1. To: All (#0)

Another cute British movie that pokes fun at the Space Race, CIA, MI-5 and the KGB. It's a sequel to "The Mouse That Roared" (1959).

The sequel to The Mouse That Roared (1959), the tiny country of Grand Fenwick has a hot water problem in the castle. To get the money necessary to put in new plumbing, they request foreign aid from the U.S. for Space Research. The Russians then send aid, as well, to show that they too are for the internationalization of space. While the Grand Duke is dreaming of hot baths, their one scientist is slapping together a rocket. The U.S. and Soviets get wind of the impending launch and try to beat them to the moon.

I have a framed 8 by 10 glossy promotional picture from that movie in the house.

Mouse On The Moon (1963)

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