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Title: More coincidences in Georgia: Some counties destroyed videos that could showcase ballot-harvesting
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Published: Jan 9, 2022
Author: Monica Showalter
Post Date: 2022-01-09 08:52:39 by Ada
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Good luck investigating ballot-harvesting in Georgia's 2020 election.

Following credible reports from True The Vote, a clean-elections advocacy group of ballot-harvesting, which is flamingly illegal in Georgia, several counties have destroyed their camera surveillance data.

According to John Solomon's JustTheNews, which broke the story:

But some of Georgia's largest counties tell Just the News that they no longer possess evidence that could be helpful to probing the harvesting allegations: video camera surveillance footage that monitored the drop boxes installed around Georgia to help voters cast ballots during the pandemic.

Election officials in several counties say the reason they discarded the footage is that the emergency rules issued by the State Elections Board said they only needed to keep the footage for 30 days after the election.

"We took direction from the Secretary of State and State Election Board, assuming they were not implementing a Rule contrary to law," said the Cobb County elections office, which acknowledged it deleted its video footage from 2020. "Drop boxes were established under an emergency order from the Governor."

The state is now conducting an investigation of the illegal ballot-harvesting, and the counties' camera footage could show ballot-harvesting done through unattended drop boxes for votes, which were all over in Georgia in the 2020 election. The one security measure that was taken to ensure that anyone and everyone didn't drop huge numbers of fraudulent and fraudulently obtained ballots into the unattended receptacles was the camera footage surveilling them. Funny how that's gone now.

And why the hell were these videos not posted online like cat-cams or zoo-cams, in real time, so that every citizen could become an election observer? Just having videos and then destroying them before anyone impartial could look at them is worse than useless as an election security plan, because not only is it useless in itself, it gives a false sense of security to voters that their vote won't be cancelled by a fraudster stuffing ballots into unattended receptacle boxes in the dead of night.

More suspicious still, it turns out it was key counties run by Democrats that destroyed that video footage, were blue-run counties with a strong interest in getting Democrats into office. They now claim that they were only following orders from the five-member Georgia State Elections Board at the time, which inexplicably was an order to retain the footage only for 30 days instead of the 22-month period mandated by Georgia law. Georgia's State Board of Elections at the time included Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger; David J. Worley; Rebecca N. Sullivan; Matthew Mashburn; and Anh Le, all of whom supposedly instructed states to retain their video footage a mere 30 days after it was taken, on those all-purpose COVID concerns. Perhaps the Board thought that COVID could be spread through camera footage. Otherwise, the order makes no sense whatsoever. I have yet to find a good reason for that clearly election-compromising order which now serves Georgia's illegal ballot-harvesters so well now.

Solomon points out that Raffensberger's commission (any conflict of interest, Brad?) can still prove ballot-harvesting through the amazing data collections of the True the Vote activists -- who have cell phone data of activists suspected of "delivering the vote" for leftist candidates at the drop boxes, as well as a witness who says he was paid thousands to harvest ballots for Democrats. Other reports have said he was paid $45,000, which suggests a lot of harvesting. Sponsored by Revcontent Blood Sugar Above 100? Try This Tonight Diabetes Destroyer Dr Says ‘put Bad Knees at Ease’ with This $29 Treat (Use 1 Daily) Health Breakthroughs How My Brother's Scientific Breakthrough Helped Me Drop 4 Dress Sizes Net Journal How to Entirely Empty Your Bowels Each Morning {1 Min Routine} Gut Connect

The counties who are failing to deliver the footage to investigators -- Fulton, Cobb, and one other unnamed county in the JustTheNews report, all claim that they were just taking orders from the Board and can't be held responsible for their failure to retain records. How the order from the tiny appointed election board could override established Georgia law is rather a doozy of a reason. Presumably these boards are there to enact the law, not change it to their liking. But as far as the miscreant counties go, that's an entirely lame and non-believable excuse.

These clowns knew that Georgia's election was disputed, they likely knew about fraud in their districts, and had they run elections that were actually clean, free, and fair in 2020, they sure as heck would have liked to retain records to prove it. They sure as heck didn't have to destroy them, because the order wasn't actually to destroy the records at the 30-day point, just that they could destroy them if they wanted to.

As it stands now, they seem to be engaging in a coverup and should be busted accordingly for breaking the law no matter what they claim. The law is the law after all, and any election official worth his salt would have retained the records. Amazingly, it would have cost them nothing to retain those video records. Destroying them, though, took lots of time and effort and cost. The only question to be asked by investigators is now why they did it.

As for the investigation itself, Raffenberger better be darn ready to come clean on Georgia's elections, because right now, the evidence of ballot-harvesting is overwhelming, and like Dr. Fauci, he appears to be one of the enablers of it.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

They are fully aware of their own illegal activities so, of course, they destroyed the evidence of their crimes. All criminals would do the same if they could.

DWornock  posted on  2022-01-10   1:57:32 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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