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Title: Uh Oh: Democrats Didnít Realize This Was Embedded in Maricopa County Ballots
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Published: Jan 10, 2022
Author: staff
Post Date: 2022-01-10 07:55:14 by BTP Holdings
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Uh Oh: Democrats Didn’t Realize This Was Embedded in Maricopa County Ballots

Many of us on the right are scratching our heads and wondering why Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich hasn’t done anything yet. It’s been more than three months since the auditors conclusively proved that Maricopa County’s 2020 election administration was totally fraudulent. Donald Trump won by a lot.

By the same token, why hasn’t the Arizona legislature moved to decertify its electoral college votes? Do they really need the Attorney General to arrest someone before they’ll take action? The proof was handed to them on a silver platter. Well, it turns out that the Arizona AG is making some progress that we can report.

AG Brnovich is working with the only authorized printing company in Arizona that is allowed to produce ballots. One of the most serious election crimes uncovered by the auditors last year was that there were many counterfeit ballots discovered in Maricopa County. How many? More than 27,000, compared to Joe Biden’s alleged 10,000-vote victory in Arizona.

Inflation and the banks are robbing you blind! Inflation and the banks are robbing you blind!

Jovan Pulitzer, the computer whiz and forensic paper analyst who has been working tirelessly for more than a year to expose all the fraud in the 2020 election, had this to say about the fraudulent ballots they uncovered in Maricopa County:

“The problem we found in looking at the ballots, the first thing we found in measuring the ballots, is that there are counterfeit ballots… That means a ballot that’s not printed on the right paper, not printed to the right spec, literally comes off of different non-authorized printers, attempting to mimic an official ballot. AND there are no codes in it. That is how we identify a fraudulent ballot.”

There is only one authorized printing company in Arizona that is allowed to print off election ballots. That company is Rolland Papers. Also, there is only one legal paper “stock” that is allowed to be used for ballots in Maricopa County, which a paper stock called “VoteSecure.”

It turns out that Rolland Papers is now working with Attorney General Mark Brnovich, because the company embedded a secret in their VoteSecure paper stock – a secret that the Democrat Party election thieves obviously didn’t know about.

Do you like heist movies or shows about bank robberies? I enjoy them sometimes. A modern and very hilarious technique that banks and the FBI started using in the 1990s was the dye packs. Remember those? When some idiot robs a bank, the teller could slip a dye pack into the bag. When the robber starts pedaling his bike down the street to make his big getaway and then… kablooey!

The dye pack covers the money and the bank robber in indelible, impossible-to-wash-off blue paint. This meant that the money couldn’t be spent, and the robber would have to answer some embarrassing questions at work the next day. Good times! Nowadays they slip tiny GPS trackers in the bag, which are more efficient but a lot less fun.

Anyway, Rolland Papers slipped a dye pack of sorts into the officially authorized VoteSecure paper that the Democrats obviously didn’t know about. Or, they thought that no one would ever bother to go back and check to see whether they had injected 27,000 counterfeit ballots for Joe Biden into the system.

VoteSecure paper has a specific radioisotope embedded in it by Rolland Papers. This was a foolproof way to tell whether a ballot in Arizona is authentic or not – and they never told anyone about it until now. The auditors purchased a device that can immediately detect that unnamed radioisotope. It’s a wand-shaped device with a light on the end of it. All you have to do is hold the wand up to a ballot and if the radioisotope is present, it lights up. If the wand doesn’t light up, it means the ballot is a counterfeit.

Wait, why are all the Democrats in the room suddenly shuffling toward the exit with nervous expressions on their faces? You guys didn’t know about the radioisotope?

Ten different unauthorized printers were used to create the 27,000 counterfeit ballots that were uncovered in Maricopa County. The Attorney General has spoken with Rolland Papers to confirm the existence of the secret radioisotope (Spoiler alert: It’s real!). And now it’s only a matter of time before investigators run down the location of the printers that were used to create those counterfeit ballots. Hey, doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Center for Election Innovation and Research’ have an office in Maricopa County? I wonder if they’ll be hearing a knock at the door any day now?

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Bend over and back up.

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#1. To: BTP Holdings (#0)

It doesn't matter. No one will be prosecuted and it is too late to overturn the election.

DWornock  posted on  2022-01-10   9:12:23 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: DWornock, 4um (#1)

It doesn't matter. No one will be prosecuted and it is too late to overturn the election.

I agree. That big "revelation" should've been made during the audit. This may just be a flight-of-fancy on someone's part.

The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. - Dr. Eldon Tyrell

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Esso  posted on  2022-01-10   9:15:39 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Esso (#2)

It is just typical of politicians. Promise the public what they want but never deliver.

DWornock  posted on  2022-01-10   16:08:15 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: DWornock (#3) (Edited)

never deliver

When I worked for Illinois State Highways we got a new Lead, Lead Worker at the Northbrook Yard. One of the Jew boys said, "This guy is a Captain Queeg."

One of the other Jew boys told him, "For all the votive lights you light and the Hail Mary's you say, it doesn't do you one darn bit of good."

He proved it many times over during his tenure. He was a part time cop in Schiller Park. One time I was out there and did not see him around. I saw him at the yard the next day and told him I was out there but didn't see him. He said, "You were out there?"

The police had to qualify at the shooting range once a year. They got three chances to qualify. He made it on the third try.

He was also in the fourth wave at Omaha Beach, so is likely dead quite some time now, unless he is in a nursing home.

I was acting heavy equipment operator one summer when they were short of heavies. He screwed me out of my heavy pay which was an extra $100 per pay period, every two weeks.

One time he told me, "I'm going to run this yard just like the Army."

I said, "Yeah? Does that mean I can roll a frag under your desk?" ROTFLOL

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one." Edmund Burke

BTP Holdings  posted on  2022-01-10   19:19:18 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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