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Title: Princeton Bans Students from Leaving the COUNTY
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Published: Jan 12, 2022
Author: anon.
Post Date: 2022-01-12 19:07:01 by NeoconsNailed
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Campus Reform Correspondent Myles McKnight joined Varney & Co. on “Fox Business” to discuss Princeton University’s heavy-handed Covid restrictions, which now bans students from leaving the COUNTY.

Yes, international travel has been limited for some time, but now one college wants students to stay within the same county to help stop the spread. Is this a good idea? Even if it worked, is it legal?

McKnight argued the policy is extreme and beyond necessary. This is America. We have the freedom to travel and should not be prohibited from doing so just because a college campus doesn’t want students leaving the area.

Inflation and the banks are robbing you blind! Inflation and the banks are robbing you blind! The policy could soon lead to legal battles, as some students will certainly be unwilling to comply with the overreaching measure. Imagine if anyone else, like a public high school or a workplace, ordered you to stay within your own county. It would feel right, would it?

That’s because it’s not right. Freedom is about having choices, not about lockdowns. Princeton seems to have mistaken itself for Communist China, as the leftist propaganda of the Ivy League has long been infiltrated and spewed increasing levels of anti-American sentiment.

Instead of leaving the county, some students will more likely leave the campus for good and head to another school that respects their freedoms. See the video for the full details on the latest issue.


Yes -- the video. It's all real, not satire. Did you read the headline right? Pton students are barred from leaving the COUNTY, not the country! For any Poisoned Ivy League skool to be taking such an extreme measure is shocking, but speshly now that the covidiocy is losing such steam!

Well, I guess American Right TV is basicly another of those promotional sites ("The #1 food that KILLS inflammation & joint pain"; "Why actors never appear to age anymore") but it has a couple of man-bites-dog stories at the moment. NN

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