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Title: No, Opposing US Intervention in Ukraine Does Not Make You a ‘Russian Agent’
Source: Red Wave
URL Source: ... -not-make-you-a-russian-agent/
Published: Feb 26, 2022
Author: Matt Agorist
Post Date: 2022-02-26 18:30:57 by X-15
Keywords: Ukraine, Russia, Neocons
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There is a common thread appearing from the establishment left as the Ukraine crisis unfolds — everyone who opposes US intervention in Ukraine is a “Russian sympathizer puppet of Vladimir Putin.”

This is a page directly out of the neocon war manual used to demonize anyone who doesn’t support the US war machine and it’s getting old.

Those old enough to recall, remember a time during the build up to the Iraq war in which the phrase “you’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists,” was oft repeated by the neocon Republican war hawks. Because 9/11 was fresh in the minds of Americans, many folks actually believed this nonsense that if you opposed the US war machine, you are a terrorist.

After decades of senseless wars in which thousands of Americans died and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were slaughtered — only then did Americans learn they made a mistake.

One particularly loud voice who stood up against the wars decades ago was Cenk Uygur, who began lashing out in the early 2000s at HuffPo. Uygur’s loud antiwar voice propelled him to a show on MSNBC and eventually his own show, The Young Turks.

But as many of his previous viewers likely noticed over the years, Uygur has gone full-on establishment shill. No longer does he question wars. Instead, he now ridicules others for daring to speak out and slanders entire groups of people who dare propose peaceful solutions to what could become World War 3.

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