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Title: Virginia Tech swimmer goes on record against Lia Thomas competing in women's sports
Source: The Post Millennial
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Published: Mar 17, 2022
Author: Hannah Nightingale
Post Date: 2022-03-17 21:31:37 by Bill D Berger
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Following transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ performance in the qualifying round for the NCAA women’s championship, a Virginia Tech swimmer has become the one of the first to publicly speak out against the biological male swimmer competing against women.


"It's a common conception that we are all very disappointed and frustrated with someone who is — has capabilities more than us women have to be able to compete at this level and take opportunities away from other women," the unnamed Virginia Tech swimmer told Savanah Hernandez.

She continued on to say that one of her teammates just missed qualifying for finals because of rules that allow Thomas to compete.

"I have a teammate who did not make finals today because she was just bumped out of finals and it's heartbreaking to see someone who went through puberty as a male and has the body of a male be able to absolutely blow away the competition," she said.

Hernandez clarified later on that the teammate in question finished in 17th place, and there are 16 spots that are taken to the finals.

"She was very emotional and it's hard to see since it’s her last NCAAs and she really loves that race, and it was just heartbreaking to see that she put all their effort into it today, and with the best time that she's went in the morning session before, and still not make it back. It's hard to see someone who works every day, every night, still not be able to compete against someone like that," the swimmer said.

Hernandez told The Post Millennial that all competitors as the event were told by coaches not to discuss the matter, not even in the locker room.

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Poster Comment:

They should stand as if to start and then just keep standing there refusing to swim. if they ONLY have trans swimmers swimming in the pool by themselves while no other women swim against them…then things would have to change.

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