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Title: With Thousands of Christians Dying in the Ukraine, John Hagee Demands Even More Money for Jews
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Published: Mar 26, 2022
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2022-03-26 10:05:27 by Ada
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Jews are the single wealthiest group of people on the planet, by a lot.

But, according to John Hagee, the wealthiest people in the world need money from old Christian boomers who watch Fox News to get the Jews out of the Ukraine. American Christians have to give $20 million to the Jews.

Of course, one could always ask why it is that the Jews are the only group of men allowed to leave the Ukraine – the Ukraine’s Jewish president has said that all Christian men must stay and fight and die in his Jewish war against Christian Russia.

Seems pretty unfair. It also implies Jews are really cowardly scum. I mean, they claim to be members of our nations, and will have a total freakout if you say they are not loyal to the Christian countries they reside in, but then if there is a war, they flee to Israel while forcing Christians to stay and die.

But as an American and as a Christian watching this bulbous fiend John Hagee – who is running “save the Ukrainian Jews” commercials nonstop on Fox News – there is a more pressing question for me: why is John Hagee, who claims to be a Christian, soliciting money for the people who murdered Christ instead of Christians in the Ukraine?

Frankly, I don’t think it is possible for a real Christian to support the Ukraine against Russia. You would be supporting forced gay indoctrination of children, satanic neo-Nazis, torture, reddit, mass murder of civilians, and every other foul Jewish thing. But even if you somehow were a Christian and believed in this Jewish narrative about the alleged “war” – if that was somehow possible – wouldn’t your first concern be the Christians of the Ukraine, and how you can help them?

This is why America has become an atheistic nation. It’s not because God failed. It’s not even because of technology or modernity. It is because the religion of Christianity has been warped into a goofy, sickening cult by people like John Hagee.

John Hagee doesn’t care about Christians, he doesn’t care about Christ – he only cares about the Jews. This doctrine filled every protestant church in America when it became popularized by televangelists.

I grew up in the protestant church in America, and learned nothing of Christianity. There was a mix of Jew worship, science fiction-style “end times prophecy,” and weird new age self-help doctrine. It was nothing that any historical Christian would have recognized as Christianity.

This was the story for most millennials, which is why most millennials in America do not identify as Christian. They were never actually exposed to Christianity, but a fake religion, a stupid, evil cult pretending to be Christianity.

The darkest parts of Hell will be reserved for the false teachers who led America down into this pit of darkness by embracing this gross and bizarre “Judeo-Christian” agenda.

Every single problem this nation is facing is a result of the churches abandoning the people.

The loss of a concept of objective truth is what led to the collapse of reality, where now, nothing means anything, and the most evil people to ever live on this earth are celebrated as victims and heroes.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

Want to know why I think every church ought to be taxed? Hagee and every other power preacher who makes ridiculous bank, telling everyone what God thinks. Paying someone to tell you what god is thinking about is akin to talking pouring water on a weed patch. It’s stupid and all it does is ruin your lawn.

As far as I am concerned, organized religion across the board, is like having truckloads of manure being dumped into a shit show. At what point to we say “Stop, we have enough shit to deal with already?”

Fuck these people. Fuck the government of Ukraine, and more importantly, Fuck THIS government we have because all they have done is destroy whatever prosperity this nation once had in the pursuit of power. Now, they have none, but… One country more than any other right now seems to, and that nation is China. Ever get the impression that life at one point was simple to the point of absurdity, and some shithead full of drama was born? Then that drama queen was bounced around tribes all over the world because wherever he or she went, drama followed? Then one day, the drama got to the point to where one tribe started fighting with another tribe and pretty soon the drama queen wasn’t as important, so the drama queen made more trouble and more trouble until nobody could get along and live a simple life?

You see, that’s what I think is going on in the world. We have some people stirring up shit all the time just because it gives them something to do, and it keeps the rest of us from finding out where our money is being shipped to, and why. More importantly, nobody can tell the truth over the cacophony of lies being screeched.

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