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Title: Conservatives must stop using the jargon of progressive activism to debate trans ideology
Source: The Post Millennial
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Published: Apr 3, 2022
Author: Libby Emmons
Post Date: 2022-04-04 01:07:46 by Bill D Berger
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For decades, the American right has ceded control of the language to the left. This is not surprising, since conservatives have ceded every aspect of culture to the liberal elites that rule our institutions, but the time to use the words they tell us to is over.

It's time to stop speaking in the language of those who hate us, take back the language, and discuss controversial topics not in euphemistic terms but with honesty.

The left has spent countless hours in academic discourse figuring out the best way to advocate for their agenda by altering definitions of existing words or by reframing their political policy initiatives to obfuscate their true aims and make them more palatable to the American public.

We watched it happen, and some of those more daring thinkers pushed against it when it was still called "political correctness." The idea, we were told, was to change our language to change our thoughts to change our actions and act more compassionately, kindly, and tolerantly in society.

Their efforts have been incredibly successful, and that's perhaps nowhere more apparent than in the debate over trans ideology, children, abortion, and education. It's no wonder that much of the linguistic acrobatics is in the area of family and children, the foundational elements of human life.

In the debate over trans ideology, loosely defined as the idea that a person can have an internal, innate gender that is opposed to their bodily sex, the language used to have the conversation itself is already in favor of this belief. Conservatives have used this language because it was the language given.

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