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Title: 20 Years Later, Jews Blame Saudi for 911
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Published: May 2, 2022
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2022-05-02 16:46:48 by Ada
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After 20 years of not mentioning the fact that nearly all of the alleged 911 hijackers were Saudi nationals, the media is coming out and blaming Saudi Arabia for the attacks.

I wonder what could have spurred such a massive change of narrative, after having blamed Osama bin Laden for 20 years?

Ah. Right.

A lot of people blame the Jews for 911, but don’t put any import on the role that Saudi had. Saudi intelligence was – at least at the time – de facto run by the Mossad. What’s more, Saudi has always had some of these crazy people who are rich and just support terrorism on principle. ISIS was funded and armed by the US and Israel, but they also had supporters in Saudi Arabia. Part of that is ISIS being anti-Shia, but there is also just a pro-terrorism attitude among Saudis.

However, I agree with everyone who says there had to have been bombs in the buildings on 911, and obviously Saudi hijackers didn’t have that ability, so you can’t just blame it on them.

I think basically Saudis were a layer of shielding for the Jews who actually wanted this done, and they knew they could find Saudi terrorists who would go along with the plan. Then after 911, they blamed someone completely different in a totally different country, then went on a wild goose chase for him.

At this point, it’s so long from the event that blaming Saudi doesn’t matter – anyone who was involved is likely dead or retired and it’s never going to be linked back to Israel.

There’s also a possibility that everyone fled the Saudi intelligence agencies responsible for it, or were cleaned out by the Saudis themselves. Remember that King Salman himself was alleged to have claimed that Mossad must have done it.

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