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Title: Captured Ukrainian Says Javelins Were Useless in Mariupol, Zelensky Ordered the Troops to Die
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Published: May 9, 2022
Post Date: 2022-05-09 09:44:29 by Ada
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You’ve heard a lot about Javelins – for sure, we’ve all been bombarded with pro-Javelin propaganda.

But have you sat and wondered how such a missile system would work in an urban environment, which is where a majority of combat is taking place in the Ukraine?

If you haven’t thought about that, then you’ve probably never seen a video of the way one of these missiles works.

The “fire-and-forget” guidance system is definitely cool – no one could disagree with that.

But the amount of airspace needed for a missile of a size that is capable of taking out a tank to get off the ground and begin the homing process makes it obviously impossible to use anywhere other than an open area. I have no idea why the US military would even tell the Ukrainians to use these in urban environments.

Frankly, they would be better off using old-fashioned RPGs.

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