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Published: Feb 27, 2022
Author: staff
Post Date: 2022-05-13 07:45:46 by BTP Holdings
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Our unelected, unqualified health advisor, Bill Gates, has come up with yet another fun way he and his Globalist buddies can pump you full of poison.

The U.S National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding research alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to develop a new vaccine that will be needle-less, and can spread like a virus instead of being injected (sounds legit).

The new technology will essentially vax everyone. Whether you want it or not, Bill is determined to take your bodily autonomy from you.

They aim to create a vax that will be passed on like the common cold, being no need for needles as people will “catch” the “vaccine.”

Of course, the ex-Microsoft CEO is always cooking up new, diabolical ideas to shed the planet of the “useless eaters” and it was Bill’s father’s dream, to wipe out a huge amount of the world’s population.

Bill isn’t shy to tell everyone that this is also his vision, and he famously said during a Ted Talk, that to lower carbon emissions, we must reduce the population using vaccines and “birth control.”

A paper on the subject of Bill’s latest passion, claims that the contagious vax will be less dangerous than traditional “vaccines” “but not non-lethal: they can still kill.”

“Some people will die who would otherwise have lived, though fewer people die overall,” it further explains. “The other issue is there is no consent (for vaccination) from the majority of patients.”

So, probably not something you would go ahead with, as people wouldn’t have a choice whether they got it or not and they would all have their personal reasons, whether medical or otherwise, as to why they might not want a vax.

But Bill loves brazen displays of showing the world he has zero ethics.

Some who support the idea, compare it to water fluoridation and dismiss it as not that serious that the government and private companies continue to try to mass medicate. And as it turns out, fluoride in the water causes calcification in the brain and comes with all manner of dangers to a person’s health.

A medical ethics specialist who reportedly supports the concept, Prof. Dominic Wilkinson from the University of Oxford said, “nobody is asked whether they give consent, even those who disagree with it.”

“Instead, we entrust elected officials to examine the likely health benefits and make decisions based on the evidence. I don’t think that there is anything intrinsically different when it comes to the idea of self-spreading vaccines.”

One of the biggest winners during the covid pandemic, has undoubtedly been the big corporations and big pharma and Bill is one of the first people to make money on his sketchy vaxxes.

Bill also wants everyone to get the “Mark of the Beast” by getting a subcutaneous quantum dot technology, something outlined in the Bible.

“Such a self-spreading weapon may prove uncontrollable and irreversible,” warns Dr. Filippa Lentzos, senior lecturer in science and international security at King’s College London, who went on to say that a self- spreading vax could easily be turned into a biological weapon.

“The big hurdle right now is knowing whether we can make them,” he is quoted as saying.

The Department of Health and Social Care, told Good Health that a self- spreading vaccine would never get to trial “without undergoing stringent regulatory and ethics approval.”

If anything, Bill Gates should be arrested for crimes against humanity. It’s amazing that people are willing to completely overlook the fact that he is 1. Not a doctor, 2. Not a scientist and 3. Somehow it feels like we the peasants all have to listen to him.

Poster Comment:

Bill Gates needs a stake driven thru his heart to kill the vampire he is.

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