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Title: 8 Ways You Can Prepare for Possible Russia, Ukraine Outcomes
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Published: Feb 28, 2022
Author: staff
Post Date: 2022-05-13 08:01:20 by BTP Holdings
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8 Ways You Can Prepare for Possible Russia, Ukraine Outcomes

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is definitely not the only way this world could come apart, Glenn Beck says in his latest update. In fact, it’s not only Americans who feel a “new season” is approaching.

People all around the world feel it too. Times are changing, and our freedoms continue to be put to the test. With Putin’s latest move into Ukraine, what changes potentially could us Americans see even though we are thousands of miles away from the conflict? Higher gas prices will just be the tip of the iceberg according to Beck.

Biden has already warned us that higher gas and energy prices are on their way because of this war. With markets already over $100 per barrel, the next few weeks and months could lead to soaring sticker shock across the nation.

A second concern is inflation. Yes, it’s already at a generation high of nearly 10%. With a bit of “help” from Russia, we can see it continue and even increase. Expect the prices at grocery stores to skyrocket. Eating meat every day may not be affordable in the coming future.

If you’re in the stock market or rely on it for your job, you may see a hit as well. Stocks tumbled the day after Russia’s invasion, they’ve continued a slow decline ever since, and its likely to be a rough ride for the foreseeable future.

It’s not all bad news, though. Glenn offers some how-to’s to thrive despite Biden’s blunders and you don’t want to wait another minute to get in on the action. Check out the full video now for the details.

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