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Title: Scott Ritter - Ukraine & Russia, is one side winning?
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Published: May 14, 2022
Author: Scott Ritter
Post Date: 2022-05-14 11:12:29 by Horse
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This not a war in the Ukraine. It is a Special Military Operation. The goal is not to defeat Zelensky. Putin will not let Finland and Sweden join NATO. The US has given more aid to the Ukraine ($53 billion) than Russia spends on its military in a year ($40 billion). We are paying the wages of the Ukrainian military. Russia could go to war with Ukraine when they win the Special Military Operation and Zelensky is sitting on a monster size pile of weapons and cash. Zelensky could be forced out by the Ukrainian military because they are losing so many men.

The Ukraine has almost 50,000 casualties. They had 160,000 men in the military. They are calling up untrained recruits and giving them foreign weapons new to them. They have 5 different types of artillery. That is a logistical nightmare.

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