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Title: CDC Admits to COLLECTING AMERICANS’ DNA Through CCP Virus Nasal Swab PCR Tests
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Published: Feb 20, 2022
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Post Date: 2022-05-14 16:28:38 by BTP Holdings
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CDC Admits to COLLECTING AMERICANS’ DNA Through CCP Virus Nasal Swab PCR Tests

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just admitted in a Twitter post, published on Wednesday, that they are collecting and storing the private information about Americans, specifically their DNA, which they have harvested using the nasal swab PCR test for covid-19.

“Remember that #COVID19 nose swab test you took?” the post reads. “What happened to the swab? If it was processed with a PCR test, there’s a 10% chance that it ended up in a lab for genomic sequencing analysis. Learn more about the process and its importance.”

They linked a video to their post, made by Wired, explaining how the nasal swabs that they have used to test, detects new strains of the WuFlu.

The video stated that apparently 10 percent of those samples that they have collected, are being used for genomic sequencing and claim that it’s only to look at the genetic makeup behind the virus, not the DNA of individuals whose swabs they use. A collection of different entities – local, state and federal agencies and also includes clinical labs and research labs.

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) asked on Twitter, “Did the CDC get permission from people to take their DNA?”

According to Newsweek, Albert Ascherio – a professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard University – denied that DNA of those who were tested was harvested.

“There is no need to test human DNA, but of course, it will be on the swab so it could be tested, which is probably what people may worry about if they are in [a] conspiracy mood,” Ascherio said.

Since the government has been less than trustworthy, it’s not hard to believe the government would want to harvest as much information on citizens as possible, including their DNA. The U.S government has been collecting the DNA of newborns for the past few decades.

According to the left-leaning ACLU, “The DNA of virtually every newborn in the United States is collected and tested soon after birth… It used to be that after the screening was completed the blood spots were destroyed. Not anymore. Today it is increasingly common for states to hold onto these samples for years, even permanently.”

The Pentagon warned those in the military to not take mail-in DNA tests in December 2019 and Forbes asked when this was made public, “Could this genetic information lead to genetic surveillance, tracking, and grave privacy concerns for military personnel and others who use these kits?”

Mass DNA collection in China, led to the Chinese Communists tracking and capturing Uighur Muslims, who were sent to concentration camps and still remain there today.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, publicly stated that because of close ties to China, the LA County Sheriff’s Department was not going to use the LA County Covid testing provider, according to The Los Angeles Times.

They also reported that Villanueva had informed the LA County Board of Supervisors that the FBI has contacted him several times, warning of “the serious risks associated with allowing Fulgent to conduct COVID-19 testing.”

The company collecting samples, Fulgent Genetics, were “not guaranteed to be safe and secure from foreign governments” because of the likelihood that they’ll share the information with China. This was denied by Fulgent Genetics chief commercial officer, Brandon Perthuis, who said the company doesn’t share data.

Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China” said during a Fox News interview, that China is deeply obsessed with collecting DNA and that keeping a database poses a threat to America.

“The coronavirus is not the last pathogen that will be generated from Chinese soil. And so we’ve got to be concerned that the next disease is more transmissible and more deadly than the novel coronavirus,” Chang said.

The Chinese government currently has the DNA information of well over 80 million people, one of the biggest databases in the world and there’s little doubt that America will try to keep pace, using the covid pandemic as the whole to do this. Crazy.

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