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Title: The Biden Entity Calls for End of First and Second Amendment in Response to Buffalo Shooting Hoax
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Published: May 18, 2022
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2022-05-18 09:42:23 by Ada
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No matter what, the Buffalo shooting is a hoax. Probably, people actually died. I’m not going full crisis actor. But the shooter was mentally ill. It’s literally admitted that he was mentally ill.

The shooter was also in Discord chats that he found on 4chan’s /pol/. Thus far, there has been no talk about what was going on in those chats – and I don’t think there will be.

Everyone who is not a mentally retarded and mentally ill teenager is aware that those Discord chats that get shilled on /pol/ are total fed honeypots. If you go into one of these chats, it is just a bunch of feds telling you to commit terrorism. The feds have a system for finding vulnerable men and talking them into committing these actions. We know this as an absolute matter of fact. Everyone on the internet has seen these feds show up shilling their private chats. It is always something along the lines of “NOW IS THE TIME TO START TAKING REAL ACTION – CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO.”

If you follow one of these people, you end up in a chat where they groom you. You think it is a bunch of fellow autistic racists, but it is really just a bunch of cops, explaining to you how to do terrorism. There is literally a 0% chance that the Buffalo shooter did not have contact with federal agents before this attack, and the proof is going to be that no one in those chat rooms will ever be investigated.

In his manifesto, he literally says “I feel bad that the people in the Discord are going to get arrested.” But conspicuously, that is not going to happen.

Also, there are very serious questions as to whether or not he even wrote the “manifesto” that was posted. It was an insane rambling, so it’s possible he did I guess. But why would he list my website – with the literal URL??? This is the number one censored publication in all of history, and this guy tries to get me even more censored by blaming me for his shooting??

There are also a whole bunch of leftist comments in the “manifesto,” including defense of gay rimjobers.

Along with that, he says he is terrified of the coronavirus and got the vax.

How am I blamed for this person?

I am the number one anti-virus hoax and anti-vax person on earth. Over the last two and a half years, I have written a whole lot more about the virus and the vax than about black people. Yes, I document black crime – but I only do so using mainstream media sources. He could have found out about all these black crimes just reading the news, or the NYPD Twitter account. What does this have to do with me?

There is so much other gay and retarded shit in this document, it is beyond the pale. None of it makes any sense.

He refers to black people as “invaders.” What?

He also says that black people are a bigger problem than Jews. What?

Also – I am against racial hatred. Yes, I am against black behavior, of course I am, I don’t know what kind of lunatic wouldn’t be. But I have never been pro-hate or pro-violence, even remotely, and have consistently condemned such things. By blaming me, they are saying “you can’t point to mainstream news articles about black violence.”

And condemning me they are. Joe Biden went to Buffalo on Tuesday, with the vile Jew Chuck Schumer in tow, and said that he is going to end the First Amendment.

The Biden entity thinks he’s a Buffalo Soldier in the Heart of America.

Poster comment: article incomplete due to DS being down again.

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