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Title: January 6th Hearings Demonize Trump¬óBut Miss the Elephant in the Room
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Published: Jun 19, 2022
Author: Kevin Barrett
Post Date: 2022-06-19 15:03:08 by Ada
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Every mainstream media channel, with the sole exception of Fox, broadcast the live unfiltered feed of the first day of the January 6 hearings last Thursday. Just like on September 11, 2001, when you could endlessly flip channels and see nothing but the same images of planes-into-buildings-then-buildings-exploding-into-pyroclastic-monster-clouds-chasing-terrorized-citizens-through-the-streets-of-New-York while anchors and guests alternately chanted and insinuated “Bin Laden Bin Laden Bin Laden,” the near-unanimous decision by media moguls to broadcast exactly the same material was designed to guarantee a large audience and an even larger propaganda impact.

Unfortunately for the propagandizers, the January 6 hearings’ audience and impact were not in the same league as 9/11’s. In fact, the hearings drew only half the audience of Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. As Politico lamented, “Total viewership of the Jan. 6 committee’s opening hearing was modest compared to other primetime political events…”Several MSM headlines angrily blamed Fox. The Washington Post: “Fox News didn’t just ignore the Jan. 6 hearing. It did something worse.” Rolling Stone: “Fox News Did Everything It Could to Keep Its Viewers From Learning the Truth About Jan. 6.” The Guardian: “As America watched Capitol attack testimony, Fox News gave an alternate reality.”

But it isn’t Fox’s fault that the media has failed to convince most Americans that January 6 was, as Chuck Schumer claims, another Pearl Harbor. (Since 9/11 was already the New Pearl Harbor, Schumer’s version of January 6 would have to be a New New Pearl Harbor, which has too many News in it to become a catchy slogan.) So if the neocons and their neolib accomplices want to memorialize the January 6 protest and relatively mild riot as a “catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor,” they are going to have to find a time machine and set the dials for 1/6/21 and plant bombs in the Capitol and blow up thousands of people. Pyroclastic clouds chasing terrified politicians through the streets of DC while the Washington Monument loses its erection and tumbles to the ground would also be a nice touch.

The problem with the January 6 hearings, as “J-Mike” Springmann and I noted in the above video, is that they are demonizing the wrong people. If you are a neocon-neolib and want to bring people together in shared hatred of a scapegoat, as taught by Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss, you need to find a villain out of central casting, preferably a foreigner with an iconic beard or mustache like Hitler or Bin Laden or Saddam. Unfortunately for the neocons, Q Shaman’s facial hair is overshadowed by his Buffalo headdress; and besides, he isn’t a foreign leader, but just some random crazy guy with odd but photogenic sartorial tastes.

The MSM lynch mob and their friends in the Justice Department are trying to sell the notion that the people who showed up in DC on 1/6/21 were treasonous “insurrectionists.” In reality, they were mainly just ordinary Americans who came to protest what they viewed, rightly or wrongly, as a stolen election. Even Trump and his aides who may have conspired to try to seat alterate slates of electors in hopes of getting the election thrown to the House were presumably sincere in their belief that the election was rigged. So their real crime is not believing in the unimpeachable integrity of American elections. That is hardly an indictable offense, since those who have investigated the claims of the election integrity movement, which is mainly made up of leftists and Democrats, know that anyone who believes in the unimpeachable integrity of American elections is either ignorant or insane.

In short, the Democrats and their lapdog media are trying to unite America in hatred of ordinary Main Street Americans who don’t trust the results of our extremely dubious elections. That isn’t going to work. No wonder most people are disobeying media orders and refusing to tune in to the “must-watch” January 6 hearings.

It’s obvious that the real aim of the January 6 hearings spectacle is to drive a stake through the heart of Donald Trump and his MAGA movement. It’s equally obvious that the current approach isn’t working. And it is even more obvious—at least to the tiny fraction of us who know the score—that the Democrats are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime to permanently discredit Donald Trump. EPub Format • Mobi/Kindle EPub Format⬇ • Mobi/Kindle⬇

If the Democrats and the rest of the Establishment really want to take down Trump, all they need to do is cancel the January 6 festivities and instead hold hearings on a vastly more important issue: The question of where COVID-19 really came from. Those hearings should focus on the highly persuasive evidence, admirably compiled by Ron Unz in his free e-book, that COVID-19 emerged from a Trump Administration biological attack on China and Iran. And though Trump himself probably didn’t know about or approve the attack—the leading suspect is Mike Pompeo—the crime happened on Trump’s watch and was very likely committed by Trump’s appointees.

Imagine a congressional committee grilling Pompeo till he breaks down and confesses to reckless homicide in connection with the deaths of more than a million Americans and more than 15 million people worldwide! I guarantee that those hearings wouldn’t pull in a measly little audience half the size of the one that sits through Biden’s State of the Union speech.

For an explanation of why such hearings really ought to be held, check out my new interview with Ron Unz, publisher of the Unz Review, and author of two brand-new books, Our Covid-19 Catastrophe: Was the Epidemic the Result of Biowarfare Blowback? and Encountering American Pravda: Essays in a Historical Counter-Narrative.

Note: If you have already listened to my COVID-related interviews with Ron Unz, watched our video that is approaching 200,000 views, and are familiar with the evidence that COVID emerged from a US bio-attack on China and Iran, you may want to scroll down to “Part 2: The COVID Bio-Attack, the Ukraine War, and Other Neocon Debacles.”

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

Thanks. An exceptional post. Part 2 should mention Dr Ralph Baric and Anthony Fauci.

The Truth of 911 Shall Set You Free From The Lie

Horse  posted on  2022-06-19   20:10:32 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Ada, All (#0)

the neocons and their neolib accomplices

Are we mixing the war hawks of the 60s with what can only be termed policies of Clinton and Obama run amok.

I found this article and maybe some on here can make heads or tails of it. ;)

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one." Edmund Burke

BTP Holdings  posted on  2022-06-19   21:39:35 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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