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War, War, War
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Title: Zelensky Orders NATO to Pay $5 Billion a Month to Cover Costs of Pretending There’s a Chance to Win
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Published: Jun 30, 2022
Author: Elvis Dunderhoff
Post Date: 2022-06-30 08:06:35 by Ada
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The Ukraine is somehow more Jewish than Israel.

At least Israel has some kind of explanation for their demands. Palestinians exist and are in theory a threat to the Jews. Russians are not even theoretically a threat to the Ukrainians, and the only reason there is a war is that the Ukraine had a violent revolution (funded by the West) and started murdering Russians, then started saying they were going to put nukes on Russia’s border.

We can see in the territories that Russia has already taken that they are not changing anyone’s way of life, and the quality of living in territories that are absorbed by Russia is going to go up.

The Ukraine people have no dog in this fight, and the West refuses to explain their own involvement, instead simply censoring anyone who dares to ask what is even going on here.

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