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Title: 18 Day National Strike in Ecuador Ends
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Published: Jun 30, 2022
Author: Pinguinite
Post Date: 2022-06-30 18:14:55 by Pinguinite
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Almost 3 weeks ago, the indigenous people in Ecuador began their version of political activism and started blocking major highways and intracity roadways. The "protesting" came with attempts to vandalize taxis and retail businesses that dared to be open during this time. Taxis would have holes punched in their tires. People have died also, including a soldier of a unit protecting some gasoline tanker trucks when the unit was violently attacked. Some Supplies in stores have run low and lots of perishables like milk have been lost.

The indigenous submitted a list of 10 demands from the government. In my view, 'protests' like these demanding 10 enormous changes to things is unrealistic, which means it was really an effort to force the current president out of office through action by the Assembly (Congress). When that failed as a political move, negotiations returned and an agreement was made.

The agreement conceded 3 points and said the other 7 would be addressed within 90 days. Which could be stated another way as the indigenous have suspended protesting for 90 days. But we'll see.

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