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Title: Wimbledon
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Published: Jul 10, 2022
Author: Mark Elsis
Post Date: 2022-07-10 22:24:10 by Horse
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During the fortnight of The Championship, Wimbledon this year, they banned players from Russia and Belarus from playing in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine (after eight years and almost 20,000 people killed in Donbas) and Belarus' close allyship to Russian president Vladimir Putin. For me, this was extremely telling because it convincingly showed the unmitigated guilt that the Jewish City of London and the British establishment had for provoking and being the perpetrators of this horrible conflict in Ukraine. This war is between the two most Christian countries in Europe. Well, a miraculous event took place at The Championship, Wimbledon today, the Ladies' Singles Final was played, and the winner was Elena Rybakina. And where was Elena Rybakina born? Moscow, Russia. Her country is Kazakhstan, therefore was allowed to play, but she was born in Moscow, Russia. God certainly does work in beautiful and mysterious ways. Amen. Mark R. Elsis.

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