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Title: No Thanks: Seven Reasons the U.S. Military is Falling Short of Recruitment Goals
Source: Identity Dixie
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Published: Jul 30, 2022
Author: Padraig Martin
Post Date: 2022-07-30 21:18:01 by X-15
Keywords: military, South, Dixie
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The United States has a problem. That, of course, is a massive understatement. America has multiple problems, but the biggest problem Washington, DC, currently faces is a recruitment crisis for reasons that are deeper than so-called military readiness. The entire American system relies on the threat of power projection. The following explains that which is at stake for the imperial regime, seven reasons it is happening, and an opportunity for Southern Nationalism.

The all-volunteer military has struggled to make its recruitment quotas for years, but this year may be the worst in its history. At the time of this writing, the U.S. Army has made only 40% of its annual recruitment targets for Fiscal Year 2022. Since the fiscal year runs October 1 to September 30, that leaves roughly two months for the Army to make up its numbers. The problem is that school is out. Most recruitment is done from January to May, when high school seniors join the Army to help them figure out their future path. The summer months are typically for the sake of filling the remaining 10%, not 60%. Other services are struggling, too, with the exception of the Marine Corps (which will barely make their numbers) and the Space Force (which only needs five hundred nerds). For our elites, that is a problem.

Washington, DC, relies on a combination of hard power – defined as war making capacity and economics – and soft power – defined as cultural influence. The latter is falling apart, as more countries ban Hollywood products that are definitively “woke.” It turns out that traditional Muslims, Hindus, Maoists, and Orthodox Christians have finally found something upon which they can universally agree: they do not want their children to see black lesbians kiss in cartoon movies. Consequently, as the West fully embraces degeneracy and effeminacy, the rest of the world, from Accra to Vladivostok, are finding alternative entertainment sources that do not promote “Western values.” American soft power is crumbling in real time. The erosion of hard power, however, is the real concern for the Empire.

Like it or not, if the Leftist West wants to achieve its global version of a “Green New Deal,” it needs all governments on board. This requires hard power. The rest of the world must rely on Western economic strength and simultaneously fear American military muscularity. In effect, the strategy since the end of World War II has been handouts from one hand while the other hand holds a club. Physical empires were replaced with currency driven empires and the ability to militarily strike those states that attempt to push back. Since no one really fears the British, French, or Germans anymore, this meant the American military – especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then came China and Russia.

American decision makers spent the last thirty years transferring the vast wealth of the American economy from the United States to China. Today, we barely manufacture anything. We are a transactional economy that relies on buying and selling primarily Chinese made goods while manipulating our dollar to facilitate more buying and selling. The one area where we have maintained an advantage, agriculture, is now purposely being destroyed by the current government in Washington through regulations and sanctions. Countries no longer need the United States or the West economically. Worse, Vladimir Putin is proving this to the world.

When the West went haywire over the invasion of Ukraine, it imposed a myriad of sanctions upon Russia. Putin knew they would, so he prepared accordingly. Despite a brief collapse of the Russian ruble, which is not a globally traded currency by design, it is now trading at its strongest in almost twenty years. The only reason it is not trading at a stronger level is due to the mismanagement of the American dollar, requiring a steady stream of interest rate hikes to combat runaway inflation. Meanwhile, the euro and British pound are in free fall. Putin is proving you do not need to rely on Western dominated economies to thrive.

All of this takes me back to the American military. The feckless withdrawal from Afghanistan was watched by the world. An embassy that flaunted the LGBT flag toward traditional Muslim peoples fell in days. The Americans scrambled to depart a country it failed to subdue over a period of nearly twenty years. The U.S. military has only won a single war – the First Persian Gulf War – since 1945, and the Gulf War (my war) can hardly be called a war. Counting back from 1948, when the United States embraced the supposed “blessings” all nations receive through defending Israel, and desegregation in the same year, the US is 1-3-1. The world sees a pathetically weak shell of a military.

Whereas no one wants to get smacked around like the Grenadians, Serbs, or the Panamanians, American real power does not exist. The Ukrainians are exponentially tougher than anything the Americans can field today. Cartoon female social justice warriors are not intimidating Mikhail and Dmitri, both of whom are fighting a real war against real men. Compounding this problem is the fact that the U.S. traded away any leverage over uranium that it once held. In 2012, the United States gifted monopoly status of uranium to Moscow (a.k.a., “Uranium One”). Thus, in a few years, not only will the U.S. lack the ability to fully service its nuclear power plants, but it will also not be able to maintain its nuclear arsenal. By the 2030s, the only country in the world that will have a fully sustainable nuclear capacity will be hypersonic Russia.

You are watching the death of an empire. Still, the real sign of a dying empire is when its citizens no longer value the imperial system enough to serve it. In essence, when a people decide that the empire is dead, that is the stake in the heart. We appear to have reached that point. The following seven reasons are why Americans either no longer want or can no longer join the U.S. military.

1. Homosexuality on Steroids: until recently, the U.S. military would discharge service members engaged in homosexual acts. Today, the U.S. military fully endorses homosexuality, as well as every other variant of degeneracy, with transgenderism literally blowing the lid off the lunacy. Regardless of your views regarding homosexuality, a simple fact permeates potential recruits: they tend to lean culturally conservative. Many are White “God and Country” types, raised on a steady diet of Lee Greenwood and flag waving propaganda. Even non-“conservative” individuals, such as blacks and Hispanics, hold cultural views that find any type of homosexuality abhorrent, especially transgenderism. The result is that transvestite officers do not appeal to three key recruiting demographics: patriotic Christian Whites, blacks, and Hispanics. No one wants to take orders from a man in a dress. There is a reason why a sane America once laughed at Corporal Klinger. Today, Klinger is an admiral.

2. The Vax: I know about two people who received the Covid vaccine. In my exurban area of North Florida, no one around me is vaccinated. The enforcement of an experimental drug that has proven itself ineffective is going to impact demographic recruitment pools that do not trust medical experiments. Worse, Covid-19 poses almost zero risk to otherwise healthy late-teens and early-twenty-year-olds. The vaccine has killed more healthy young people than Covid. The mandate will ensure that healthy recruits stay away from the U.S. military.

3. We’re Fat and/or Psychotic: Going hand-in-hand with the issue of the Covid vaccine is the simple fact that American kids are fat. The U.S. military is reporting that only twenty percent of American recruits can qualify for service without a waiver. That means eighty percent – four out of every five – are either too fat, have a criminal record, ingested illegal drugs, and/or were prescribed some type of psychosis that required a prescription at an early age. In effect, the few who do not require a waiver are declining recruiters because they do not want a Covid vaccine they do not need, leaving a bulk of recruits who are probably subpar at best. When I joined the Marines, I was 6’3” and 170 lbs at seventeen-years-old. I entered Parris Island doing twenty dead hang pull ups, running three miles in nineteen minutes, and one hundred sit-ups in two minutes. Top physical training (PT) scores at that time were twenty pull ups, three miles in under eighteen minutes, and eighty sit ups in two minutes. I left boot camp thirty/seventeen/one-hundred- thirty with an expert rifle badge. I graduated in the middle of my class.

4. Strategic Confusion: The U.S. miliary is really awful at one critical thing: winning wars. They suck at it. As previously stated, the U.S. is marginally 1-3-1 since the end of World War II. Why fight in a military that will get you killed for no reason whatsoever? The tragic death of thirteen misguided troops during the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a microcosm of the entire failure of military leadership. Beginning with the purge of conservative senior officers by Obama and accelerated under Trump (who trusted the military too much), Pentagon leadership looks nothing like the men who soberly engaged the Japanese in World War II. The lack of mental capacity, temperament, decision making, and investment in the United States is apparent.

5. Patriotism is Dead: Growing up in the 1980s was like a massive injection of testosterone to cure Americans of the pathetic weakness of the 1960s/70s counterculture movement. Rambo, Commando, Top Gun, GI Joe… everything was geared toward American power and strength. No one dared question whether or not the American flag was “good.” It was a criminal act to burn the flag until 1989. Today, White kids are taught to hate themselves and apologize for their conquering past. Manifest Destiny is now a source of shame. Meanwhile, the other class of potential recruits – People of Color – are taught that they are the victims of a uniquely evil American heritage. Why would either group – White or POC – want to serve in the ranks of an institution grounded in racism, brutality, and savagery, especially for a country that is clearly evil? You cannot walk those lessons back with Top Gun 2.

6. Critical Race Theory: Critical Race Theory is now the predominant ideology of the U.S. military and its command. General Mark Miley openly claimed a desire to address ‘White Rage” at a congressional hearing. The entire U.S. military stood down to either investigate White Nationalism within the ranks or take seminars to learn more about the evils of White people. If you are a young person considering a future career, what has become apparent is the following: if you are White, you will be passed over for promotion by a potentially “colored” NCO or officer, because they see your success as a component of your “Whiteness,” which is intolerable. Remember that according to Professor Derrick Bell, the chief architect of CRT, the very purpose of CRT is a Marxist ideology designed to fully dismantle White societies that he deemed morally repugnant – which included the U.S. military – it seems to have worked. If I am eighteen-years-old, I can work as a mechanic or plumber making a six-figure salary if I stick to it over the next decade, or I can get stuck as a Spec-4 watching less impressive “soldiers of color” gain promotions over me while I go on the front lines of a war – the choice is obvious.

7. Attacking the South: The United States – Republicans and Democrats – went total war on Dixie over the past decade. In effect, they broke an unspoken agreement between the South and the Union. We were allowed to keep our icons, monuments, and heritage, in return for sending scores of loyal janissaries to serve the Empire. It was a bad deal, but one which a desperate Dixie took in the aftermath of a brutal Reconstruction Era. In hindsight, given the multitude of times disingenuous Yankee agents broke their promises, we should have known better. Hundreds of thousands of young Southern men would still be alive, had the South kept her sons home and let Yankee boys die in Normandy. Personally, I would gladly trade singing Die Fahne Hoch for visiting German dignitaries to standing for an American National Anthem that literally stands for a hatred of everything I am. The beautiful thing, however, is that Southern boys are beginning to pay attention. Talking them out of service has become so much easier than it was ten years ago. When the entire system hates your heritage, people, race, religion, and culture, it makes it easier to decline an offer to join their ranks. The U.S. military is killing its opportunities in its best recruiting zone.

Of course, all of this leads to an opportunity. Practice the following line for any and every chance you get: [point at the recruiter’s office and ask young Southern boys the following question]Is it really worth joining a military that will force you to get an experimental vaccine, in which you will take orders from a man in a dress, and get denied promotions because you are White, and worse, you are a Southerner? If need be, get business cards with that message.

All Southern Nationalist organizations should be hammering home the same message, creating a chorus in unison aimed at impressionable, young Southern men.

This is the opportunity to finally put a dagger in the heart of an opportunistic and predatory empire. It is incumbent on Southern Nationalists to remind themselves and their fellow Southerners that the U.S. military was the primary vehicle of a brutal subjugation. This is the same military institution that marched your grandparents at gun point and bayonet into mixed race schools. This is the same military that is now tearing down markers of Southern resistance – from renaming bases to the elimination of statues. This military hates the South and the Southerner. It always has and it is now simply doubling down on its hatred. A few officers and NCOs have Southern drawls – but they no longer make the rules.

We must take every opportunity to empower and encourage the military to commit the kind of operational suicide within which it is currently engaged. The total destruction of the American leviathan is paramount to a Free Dixie. This is our greatest chance. Whereas I wish to see no harm to young Southern men in uniform, the seeds of the American military’s destruction have been planted. The harvest of that crop will be a new dawn for the South.

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#1. To: X-15 (#0)

The NWO has long relied on Southerners to fight the Jews' wars for them. In WW1 & 2 to fratricide Whites, and in the latter to also make Europe safe for Jewish communism. More recently to fight Israel's enemies in the Middle East.

These deluded Southerners are like Mas Oyama the Zainichi Korean fighting for and revering the Japs even as they raped his (virtual) mother and sisters.

StraitGate  posted on  2022-07-30   22:59:46 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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