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Title: It Has To Crash
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Published: Aug 3, 2022
Author: T.L. Davis
Post Date: 2022-08-03 16:37:35 by X-15
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One might get the feeling that America is being out classed by Russia and China. While they rise, America drifts, floundering on a sea of greenness and wokism, effectively bound at the wrists from executing any self-defense. The supposedly “elected” officials, are doing everything they can to run the United States into the ground at the behest of its enemies.

Ukraine is nothing but an extended money laundering event, the ties back to politicians not even denied, but open for any investigation, however slight and unmotivated.

When the greater share of politicians in any government do not serve the people or the stated principles of that government, either they are individually treasonous, or the government itself has fallen to them. Since the U.S. has seen no charges of treason brought, despite the voluminous evidence of it on every level, from district attorneys to secretaries of state taking money from individuals who have sworn to destroy America and revel in their hatred of the nation, without criminal charges being brought or even discussed at a serious level, it’s clear that the nation has fallen to its enemies.

That they continue to claim authority to pass laws and charge taxes under the very guise of the government they have overthrown is a marvel of illogical conclusions only arrived at through the cognitive dissonance of the masses. But that is everywhere in society, masks, the vaxx, child sex trafficking and kindergarten grooming events. It’s there, open and publicized, yet no charges are filed, no cases brought. As if it isn’t happening.

I’ve thought any number of things might be the trigger that set everything else into motion and these events have taken place with no particular backlash. Gun confiscation disguised as Red Flag laws have been passed, ruled unconstitutional and passed again in the face of that ruling. Roe v Wade was overturned to much wailing and whining, but no particular direct action other than an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court justice, for which the Department of Justice found no basis for protecting these justices or even enforcing the laws against protests directed at them personally. It shrugged off that responsibility. Children have been assaulted first by mask mandates in school, forced vaccinations of a deadly chemical experiment, sexually groomed and exploited before the news organizations while they cheer it on and nod in agreement. Children are being targeted for psychological torture, stripping them of their biological identities and subjecting them to bullying tactics to take puberty blockers.

Honestly, if none of that is going to trigger a righteous backlash, is hunger, lack of heat or cooling, lack of fuel or electricity? What on earth are the people of this nation waiting for? This isn’t some super secret conspiracy, it’s out there in the public view, openly advocated by the clearly deranged “leaders.”

It’s not that all of the harm is done merely to conservatives, the liberals are suffering more than anyone, because they accept it as the cost of moving forward. In a case of rape, it’s not the fact of it that is the harm done to the woman, but the fact that she can’t get an abortion afterward that’s the crime. They’re told that rape is a common problem associated with mass immigration, an evil that must be tolerated in order to progress to get past some vague threat of the white male- dominated culture.

The recognition of the impossibility of a fix to this condition causes a degree of complacency. If all the evils have been exposed and the evildoers celebrated, what is there left for logical people to do, but to eagerly await the apocalypse?

It all has to come crashing down, every effort made by government officials is to encourage that collapse. They’ve resorted to denying the definition of a recession which has long been understood as two consecutive quarters of negative growth of GDP. Now, it’s determined by employment rates and the benefits of inflation. Why? To continue the catastrophic decline of society until it can finally crash.

I’m personally amazed that the structure of this nation could be so thoroughly assaulted and not yet result in internal conflict. It truly boggles the mind, but leaves one with a sense that catastrophe is the only possible cure.

All the while, those awake know that there is a back room deal taking place, that the nation is being sold out from within, willingly serving it up to its enemies for cash and other considerations. Even if someone, somewhere cared more about the nation than the weight of gold in their pockets, the couldn’t stop it, the termites of the administrative state would block them, stymie any effort.

It has to crash. The question is, do patriots have the will and the determination to step into that void and exert their power to reset the republic? Or, has the republic done all that it could in providing an epoch of freedom, a momentary pause in totalitarianism, but ultimately too weak to project that further than a couple of hundred years before it all goes back to normal?

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#1. To: X-15 (#0)

It may be hopeless. A crash may never occur because technology is advancing faster then the cost of the problems the politicans cause. Now it take one person to do the work of 20 to 40 people 100 years ago.

DWornock  posted on  2022-08-03   16:49:57 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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