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Title: From the Horse's Mouth (An Editorial)
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Published: Aug 5, 2022
Author: Horse
Post Date: 2022-08-05 00:42:46 by Horse
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I posted this at Gonzalo Lira's latest video. I wanted to explain things that most foreigners and even many Americans do not consider when looking for a safe space to live.

The US will collapse soon enough. But we have a federal system of government and so when the collapse happens we will have state governors, state legislatures, state and local judiciary and police to step in and take over. We have 28 Republican governors. 30 state Houses are Republican, 32 state Houses are run by Republicans. Each state has a National Guard with heavy weapons and tanks. Some even have an Air Force. That is why the US can be a safe place to be when the Dollar, the euro, the pound and the yen die.

The problem China will face is that in their history no Chinese government has ever survived a Grand Solar Minimum. We entered the Eddy GSM in 2020 which means 40 years of bad weather. Food will be scarce. Edward Maunder was the first to note the correlation between fewer sunspots and colder weather. During the Maunder Minimum of 1645 to 1715, in certain years the price of wheat in the UK spiked 400%. And they had 7.5 billion fewer people back then. In the Dalton Minimum we had "1816 the year without a summer." Farmers in the US planted seeds and lost them to a freeze. The farmers waited and then planted their seeds again only to have a freeze kill their plants. In 1816 there were 313 million fewer people in America than now.

In the future I would recommend rural area in the US with Republicans controlling the governorship, both state houses, the judiciary, the police, the DAs and the National Guard. Also live south of the 40th parallel to avoid lots of crop freezes. And avoid all areas that lack water like the US West which is in a 1,200 year Mega Drought.

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