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Title: Daria
Source: freedom4um
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Published: Aug 5, 2022
Author: Esso
Post Date: 2022-08-05 22:18:05 by Esso
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This is kinda how my (short-term) GF the nurse looked minus the glasses before she died after her second clot-shot about a year ago.

"Daria" (not her real name) was about 55 and a lifelong nurse. When the vaxx mandates came out, we talked about that. I told her that I'd take care of her bills until she could get back on her feet. I guess she wasn't ready to give up her career and trust a bad boy like me.

She was found dead in her backyard about 44 weeks ago after the second shot. Probably a heart attack or stroke, I don't know for sure, I wasn't family or married to her, classified.

My nickname for her was really cynical, which she loved, was because she was pretty with no tits. Years before I met her, she had to have a radical mastectomy for breast cancer. ObamaCare didn't pick up the bill for reconstructive surgery. Our early dating was awkward to say the least, but I'm a pretty nice guy.

I met McMurphy, about 30, her friend, at her funeral. She's a nurse too, I think on shot 5 now. When the death count gets to her, she comes to spend time with me.

When she got sick with Covi after three shots, she came to my joint to get Ivermectin horsey dewormer from the joint I used to get my ex-wife's horsey stuff for her horses. She was afraid of the Remdesivir and ventilators. She recovered in about a week.

I'm not crazy about a gal that's young enough to be my daughter sleeping in my house, it is what it is. I hope when it's her time, that it's fast and she doesn't linger with the mental meltdown "living death."

Whatever happens, happens. I love that girl.

Poster Comment:

This is why I call Leena, McMurphy. Fucked up young nurse in a bad place. She probably wasn't even born when this show was around. She likes it though.(1 image)

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