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Title: "Ukraine" Counteroffensive Was a Total Bust, Now They’re Losing Even Worse
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Published: Aug 16, 2022
Post Date: 2022-08-16 07:07:41 by Ada
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Whenever anyone points out that I expected Russia’s Ukraine liberation operation would be quicker, I point out that Douglas Macgregor made the same prediction I did. He’s gone through and explained why it took longer than we expected. He points to the refusal of the US to negotiate (one which didn’t surprise me), but also the Ukrainians’ willingness to die for no reasons, and biggest of all, the Ukraine’s ability to get away with squatting in cities and launching artillery from behind human shields.

The Ukraine people’s stupidity has for sure shocked everyone. And we all knew the media lies, but their defense of the human shields program has been really over the top – especially since WaPo and others were warning about it in early March.

Now, of course, both the UN and Amnesty International are condemning human shields.

Anyway, in the end, it worked out better for Russia, because they’re going to end up with nearly half of the country instead of just the two provinces they claimed. It’s sad about the Russian soldiers, and I would have supported Russia killing as many civilians as necessary to protect their own troops, because every “Ukraine” person who didn’t defect is complicit in this Jewish murder scheme.

But it is what it is and this “counteroffensive” that Zelensky was pumping for two months has just totally failed. This basically means that a second army has been wiped out, and now he’s working on putting together a third, so he can lose the rest of the territory between here and the river.

RT: The Ukrainian military has not been able to pull off its promised counteroffensive, and Russian forces are now likely to take over the whole of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast, Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a former adviser to the secretary of defense in the Trump administration, has said.

Appearing on a livestream hosted by former US judge and columnist Andrew Napolitano last Tuesday, Macgregor dismissed as “utterly nonsensical” reports in some US media outlets that the Russian military has lost some 80,000 personnel in Ukraine so far. According to the decorated Gulf War veteran, “more accurate numbers are probably thirteen to fifteen thousand dead on the Russian side,” with Ukrainian forces having lost “sixty to eighty thousand.”

Commenting on these reports in late July, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov described the alleged Russian casualty figures as “fake.” He also lamented that even established media outlets are publishing misleading reports these days.

The last time Russia’s Defense Ministry provided an update on the number of casualties was in late March, at which time the official death toll had reached 1,351, with 3,825 service members injured.

When asked to comment on the current state of affairs on the frontline, the former Pentagon official said that the majority of Russian personnel had been given rest, “refitted, reorganized,” to renew the offensive in August. Macgregor claimed that the first signs of that happening were already evident, “particularly down in the south.” He went on to predict that the Russian military would seize the key port city of Odessa, making Ukraine a “landlocked country.”

“Ukrainians have been unable to put together any sort of counteroffensive. So, I don’t see much evidence that the Ukrainians can stop this,” the former Pentagon adviser claimed. Moreover, Macgregor said that the activities of Russian forces south of Kharkov in the east of Ukraine seemed to him like preliminary “shaping operations” meant to pave the way for a major offensive later on.

He concluded that “first comes the operation in the south and then subsequently up in Kharkov,” pointing out once more that the Ukrainian army does not appear to be able to stop either one.

Macgregor added that he expected these offensives to be over by the “end of August-beginning of September.”

Last month, a number of top Ukrainian officials suggested that the country’s military would launch a counteroffensive in the south of the country in August to retake the city of Kherson.

God rest the Russian soldiers. All my love and prayers and never a microscopic piece of disrespect. But aside from the death, this is all kind of hilarious. Russia only wanted a small piece of land and a small concession in the form of neutrality, and instead they’re going to end up with 5 times the territory they asked for, and the Ukraine is going to have to give the concessions when they run out of warm bodies to shove in the meat grinder.

Russia is going to end up with a whole lot more land than they demanded, a drastically boosted economy, a much stronger currency… if you didn’t know that the US State Department was calling the shots, you’d think this guy Zelensky was working for Putin.

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