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Title: The Last Living Holocaust Mass Murderer
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Published: Aug 16, 2022
Author: David Cole
Post Date: 2022-08-16 09:22:48 by Ada
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At 92 years old, George Soros is the last human experientially connected to the Holocaust who’s still actively taking lives. Sure, there are a few elderly ex-Nazis being dragged before German courts, but they’re insignificant (secretaries, bookkeepers) and their murderous exploits, if any, ended with the war.

Soros, a Jew who survived the Holocaust by posing as a gentile, kills people daily. How many? I think it’s safe to say that at least once every few days in cities ruled by Soros DAs an innocent person is murdered by a criminal who’s roaming the streets due to Soros’ machinations.

Soros himself has admitted that he bases his life’s work on his wartime experience. He’s the Nazis’ inadvertent posthumous revenge on America; the Jew the SS failed to catch likely conducts the equivalent of one Malmedy massacre per month.

“As long as lots of whites are dead and their influence diminished, everything else was worth it.” What makes Soros’ revenge-o-caust particularly interesting is that he doesn’t deny it. Given any opportunity, he’ll proudly say, “Yes, I use my billions to keep criminals from being prosecuted and incarcerated.” Dude’s a regular Chatty Chelmno. Just two weeks ago, he penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed essentially declaring, “I don’t care about the cost in lives; I’m gonna keep funding DAs to carry out my agenda.”

At the same time, though, you have other Jews running interference for the guy anytime anyone points out what he’s doing. We saw that last weekend when, after Marco Rubio used the phrase “Soros-backed prosecutors” to refer to Soros-backed prosecutors, every leftist oygenflayyygin in American politics formed a chorus of schmendricks, a regular Mogen Tabernacle Choir, to wail in unison that the very notion of “Soros-backed prosecutor” is an anti-Semitic trope.

Soros literally says, “I back prosecutors.” But if you say, “He backs prosecutors,” you’re the woist Nazi since Himmler.

Teachers’ union yenta Randi Weingarten, who’s gifted the U.S. with a generation of children tarded by lockdown- and mask-related learning disabilities (get ready for synergy in about ten years as Soros-funded prosecutors use Weingarten-engineered learning disabilities as mitigating circumstances in criminal trials: “JaQuarius mustn’t be held responsible for slaughtering that family; as a child, AFT Covid policies stunted his intelligence”), tweeted “THIS Is how anti semitism [sic] takes root and spreads. What is a ‘Soros’ backed prosecutor? Soros is a Hungarian Jew who survived the Holocaust.”

Organic weeble Jerry Nadler tweeted, “‘Soros-backed’=conspiracy of Jewish $=antisemitic trope.”

I couldn’t help but notice that Nadler tweeted in defense of “defund the police” Soros the same day he voted to add 87,000 new IRS agents to police Americans. Odd how the “progressive prosecution” principle that “less cops and less enforcement leads to less lawbreaking” applies to street crime but not tax avoidance.

Read More With the algorithmic precision of a bot swarm, “Anti-Semitism is real. George Soros is literally a Holocaust survivor” was tweeted hundreds of times all weekend long.

There’s an irony in Weingarten & Co. playing the survivor card to shield Soros. This February, a 99-year-old Holocaust survivor named Jack Mikulincer was killed in Manhattan Beach, N.Y., by a reckless driver with fourteen previous traffic infractions. The driver had gone unprosecuted by Brooklyn’s DA, a Soros minion named Eric Gonzalez (Gonzales didn’t even charge the driver for Mikulincer’s death, even though he was found to be at fault).

Defending a Holocaust survivor whose policies kill Holocaust survivors is meta comedy at its finest.

Of course, to Soros, a few old dead Jews is just collateral damage. He’s a man who knows his history; the WWII aerial bombing of Germany killed thousands of Jewish laborers. But hey, it was a small price to pay for the destruction of a fascist white empire.

Just as Soros is the last living active Holocaust-connected murderer, Weingarten’s survivor card defense of him is likely the last time we’ll see “Holocaust survivor” carry import in U.S. political discourse. It’s not just that the survivors are nearly all dead (more so every month thanks to thugs freed by Soros DAs); it’s that the Holocaust itself has waned in its ability to end a debate upon invocation. Millennials and “Zoomers” are as ignorant of the Holocaust as they are of everything that happened before 2000. But that’s not necessarily relevant here; morons don’t need to know about something to opine on it (how many youthful dolts who are reflexively against nuclear power actually know how a nuclear power plant works or possess even the smallest knowledge of nuclear’s impressive safety record?).

No, the word “Holocaust” will always have strong name recognition. There’ll always be mandatory public school courses, taxpayer-funded museums, documentary films, and such.

The problem isn’t not knowing but not caring. “Brown” America, the nonwhite Americans exalted domestically and imported from abroad by people like Soros and Weingarten, don’t give a damn about no Jew Holocaust. Back in 1996, a landmark Contemporary Jewry study found that black and Hispanic students not only don’t give a crap about the Holocaust, black students actually care less about it the more they learn about it. The study found that focusing on the Holocaust in school makes black students actively hostile toward Holocaust history.

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